Future of Capitals

With player structures becoming a more prevalent thing in EVE in both low and highsec I feel its not entirely needed, but would be nice to see, lower tier capitals start being allowed back into highsec like the old days. These being carriers and dreads. Leave titans and supers in low/nul as they could very easily be seen as overpowered. Its easier to combat structures with such ships and would add a little more spice to high sec life in my personal opinion.

structures in high are however already falling quickly to leshaks and marauder fleets

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There should be nothing in high sec that is un-gankable. Remove Concord from high sec and you’ve got a deal…

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Problem with that is it couldn’t be called “High Sec” anymore. Null2.0?

I believe they have already answered in a recent update how they feel about ganking so I won’t touch the subject. High sec is to be a somewhat more secure safe learning area for newer players. This would help them in a way “dip their toes in the water” in a sense to test the waters. It would make these high sec structures more useful in highsec as well.

In the early days we had Ninja Ops with orca’s in safe spots. They where used for ship changing and loot storage.
Bring something like that back maybe a mini carrier variant.
Something to compensate for the gankers also now most of them can not dock anymore.
Give them a mining boost module like the orca with a little bit better stats. People will use it even for the epeen.
Just to have some additional fun.

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