Carriers too stronk! WAAAAAH!

Oh good, a new straw man argument. Not quite as much misplaced sarcasm as the original post, but good effort.

Oh good, a new troll reply from the forum troll in-chief. Anyway…

Level 4s? You forgot the most obvious highsec offender of them all - incursions. I took a cut in pay from high-sec incursions to rat in null. And a serious jump in risk. The last couple of nights when I had a window to play, I couldn’t do any ratting or money-making at all, because of neuts cruising around ready to call in drops. Note that I’m not complaining - nullsec should be dangerous, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. I’m just comparing it to highsec. I made a lot more ISK running incursions in highsec, with zero risk. Yeah, it was more inconvenient, because I had to queue-up to get in fleet, post fit, do this, do that. But I definitely made more, and there was never any downtime because of neuts in pocket or whatever.

Oi! That is not true.


OP, sorry but your story seems unclear to me

  1. which kind of damages were you dealing ? and, since ishtar was ratting, he probably had max resists for the damage dealt by npcs. Which fighters were you using? did you pay attention to unmatching your damages and his resists?
  2. you killed his drones. But which kind of drones? did he drop sentries? if yes, being able to kill sentries is normal, and has nothing to deal with hitting an overprop ishtar
  3. “he regenerated completely”? maybe he used his ADC…

so tldr: your story does not imply anythg about “carriers are not OP, they are not even able to kill a ratting cruiser”


Dont Null Sec ratters keep other characters in High and Low for when they want to make safer cash and there’s neuts all up in their turf, dawg?

I am still trying to figure out why they need so much isk.

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Please don’t laugh, but it is indeed the case with the Vets. My oldest guys in the Corp all have several alts in the HS to relax.

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I look at it this way: you’ve obviously been a carrier pilot, and strongly concerned about the power of carriers, for years now. (Your own post saying “nerfed carriers, so I quit subbing for a year” etc.)

Now, it’s taken you years to find and post an example where your carrier did not look OP. And it’s an extreme example of exactly the sort of thing you would expect a carrier to struggle with - applying enough damage to kill a fast, small, super-high regen ship well known for being OP in those areas.

The fact that it took you that long to come up with an example you could complain about, when you’re well known for posting threads that border on trollishness for exaggeration and hyperbole, says all I need to know about the OP-ness of carriers.

On a side note, to your exaggerated point of “well no point flying carriers then, just train for an Ishtar”: feel free to train into one, then go attack an AFK carrier set up for high EHP regen and see how long it takes you to kill it. Then you can come back and whine about how your fancy new cruiser is useless and everybody complained til it got nerfed into the ground, and you should just fly a carrier instead since they’re unkillable.

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Sabus probably didn’t tell you, but he is looking more to Rorquals in highsec, not carrier rebalance.

Gosh, neeri norian /naari naarian / noori naarian / sabus narian…it is really strange how anybody might suspect you are the same person when you post the same opinions using the same terminology and link to a post by sabus narian… Really strange…

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Really, how would they know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, where is the salt?

Does anybody doubt Sabus logged in to the wrong account?

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Shut up Sabus

Don’t worry, @Sabus_Narian is going to run for CSM and address carrier and capital issues! He has my enthusiastic support!

Don’t worry, @Sabus_Narian is going to run for CSM and address carrier and capital issues! He has my enthusiastic support!

:+1: Xuxe

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60 mil an hour is an ishtar ratting.

…60 mil a tick with a carrier is possible, but unlikely, and is FAR from effortless.

You sound a lot like a bot-aspirant.

Sure, I am pretty easy to find. Come take a shot.

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