Carriers too stronk! WAAAAAH!

No. I quoted what I was quoting. That’s why I quoted that quote and not your quote.

Bc quoting.


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Well this thread spun off to the kid’s dinner table.

Back to the OP,…again…

I also think there is a case of bandwagon blaming going on. It’s funny that so many of the people hating on null sec and carrier ratting are themselves ratters or mission runners that never expose themselves to the slightest risk and are therefore creating ‘free isk’ far worse than any carrier ratter.

Pot meet kettle.

The ONLY reason we in null sec aren’t simply squatting in some L4 hub and getting our free isk is because of war decs. We only rat at home because we have rescue there, not because it pays better. If all we wanted was isk- we’d squat in newbie space (high sec) doing newbie content forever and never lose a ship.
I am always shocked at how high sec has changed on the rare occasion I ever go there. A T1 anything has become the exception to the blingy faction/T2 ship norm now. Newbies on these forums are asking how to use their billion isk ships before they even understand how they work.

But sure…the problem with Eve’s economy is all in null sec carrier ratting…riiiiiiight.

CCP just knows that they can get away with abusing null sec. We aren’t a pack of alphas trying out this game. We are the people with years sunk into Eve, usually multiple accounts, and the Sunk Cost Fallacy means we aren’t just going to walk away wholesale regardless of how hostile CCP becomes. So CCP can make our lives miserable while letting high sec get away with worse.
Before I went back to null I did L4’s in a gazillion isk Marauder that I would never think to fly in null sec, made bank with zero risk, then sold it for more than I paid for it. Tell me again how carrier ratting is the cancer eating at Eve’s economy. Cry to me some more about super umbrellas making it ‘too safe’ to make isk. I’ll be over here on the floor laughing with a dead Rorq pilot and the Bomber’s Bar gang that blapped him. While the high sec guy isn’t even looking at local and probably doesn’t know how the D-Scan even works while making his billions.
But carrier ratting…that’s the problem.


Oh good, a new straw man argument. Not quite as much misplaced sarcasm as the original post, but good effort.

Oh good, a new troll reply from the forum troll in-chief. Anyway…

Level 4s? You forgot the most obvious highsec offender of them all - incursions. I took a cut in pay from high-sec incursions to rat in null. And a serious jump in risk. The last couple of nights when I had a window to play, I couldn’t do any ratting or money-making at all, because of neuts cruising around ready to call in drops. Note that I’m not complaining - nullsec should be dangerous, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. I’m just comparing it to highsec. I made a lot more ISK running incursions in highsec, with zero risk. Yeah, it was more inconvenient, because I had to queue-up to get in fleet, post fit, do this, do that. But I definitely made more, and there was never any downtime because of neuts in pocket or whatever.

Oi! That is not true.


OP, sorry but your story seems unclear to me

  1. which kind of damages were you dealing ? and, since ishtar was ratting, he probably had max resists for the damage dealt by npcs. Which fighters were you using? did you pay attention to unmatching your damages and his resists?
  2. you killed his drones. But which kind of drones? did he drop sentries? if yes, being able to kill sentries is normal, and has nothing to deal with hitting an overprop ishtar
  3. “he regenerated completely”? maybe he used his ADC…

so tldr: your story does not imply anythg about “carriers are not OP, they are not even able to kill a ratting cruiser”


Dont Null Sec ratters keep other characters in High and Low for when they want to make safer cash and there’s neuts all up in their turf, dawg?

I am still trying to figure out why they need so much isk.

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