Dreads and up in high sec?

Is CCP ever going to let dreads carriers and titans in high sec? I don’t really understand why, but checking market details for those classes, people are selling them for 100K ISK in Jita. So to prevent that from happening they are banned from high security? I need clarification. In the future are carriers and other titans and dreads going to be allowed in high sec?

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No they arent

You buy them packaged. Packaged Capitals are legal.

All signs point to no.

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They used to be, and then they changed it so they couldn’t be…that isn’t going to be reversed, no reason to.

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It’d be neat, especially if there are designated invasion zones with Triglavian capitals. Essentially instant death on jump in for anyone that doesn’t have capital HP.

I still remember seeing a Moros in highsec with its old drone bonus. It could have something like 25 heavy drones deployed it was insane.

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Uh, no. That was never a thing.

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Yes…it was.

"The best part was the old bonus on the Moros - it could deploy five drones per level of Gallente Dreadnought, so at max skils it could spit out 35 drones at once. Shocked"


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35 HEAVY drones?

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Yeah, sounds completely insane to me, is this still legal?

Yes, and the thorax could use 8-10 heavies. It’s no surprise that all this is shocking news to newbros, the game now and the game before is so astronomically different they play like two completely separate IPs. Geddons (before turning them into the drone ewar atrocity they are today) could vaporize legitimately anything they looked at since weapon modules didn’t stack. That meant 7+ HS II.

Nano Phoons, Vaporgeddons, Thoraxes soloing multiple battleships at once, Multi-Spec Domis, the list goes on. Eve was actually a video game at one point.


Short answer no. Long answer, definately no.

People arent selling them for 100k isk. People are buying them for 100k isk. Big difference.

Okay. I knew about the fact that they could field a lot more drones, i didnt expect them to be able to field the heavier ones.

i still have a old video of a mega depolying like 20 ogers

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Hell yeah, gallenete and minmatar ships were designated for pvp while amarr and caldari were designated for pve. The game in a lot of ways made more sense due to hulls having very general use and so were open to profound experimentation. Even then, there were hardly issues of game breaking balance save for multi-spectrums being viable on every ship with available midslots.

takes off rose tinted glasses

I digress, capitals in HS would be fun if there were checks and balances in place. A very expensive permit, maybe requiring a citadel, or having a 5+ security status at all times.

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Capital Mining Permit would probably not be that expensive really.

I would not be that sure. This is CCP we are talking about.

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True, but I dont see them giving the nullboys hisec to play with after kicking at their sandcastles.

Can someone close this troll topic?

btw. We get caps in hisec. When GM teleport bots to jita.

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