Returning player after 6 years - Highsec Carrier question


Having returned since not being around since mid-2014 I find myself puzzled…

I have a highsec carrier, which I seem to remember I could use for mining, but now I seem unable to fit anything mining-related on it?

Has anything changed - or do I remember wrong, or just some plain oversight on my part?

:red_circle: Lots of things have changed with carriers. They cannot use drones any longer. Only fighters are allowed. They also don’t have turret hard points, which means you cannot use Miners or other turret modules on them.

Thanks - not the answer I was hoping for :sob:

they are also no longer allowed in the high security space, but I think that was going on for longer than 6 years…


The ones already there can stay so long as they aren’t used for basically anything other than looking pretty.

I think you can sell the highsec carrier to a collector, they are pretty rare i think.

Last thing I saw was that selling highsec carriers is not allowed - they need to move to low-/nullsec for sale…

And I’m not looking to part with it :slight_smile:

Bummer, I am one of those collectors.

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