How to move a dread / Carrier from Jita

Hi, in case i want to buy / sell a dread /carrier in jita, how do i get it there ? how do i get it OUT of there ? lol

You don’t.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


These ships are not allowed in HS space.

So, as @Mr_Epeen says…you don’t :slight_smile:

You don’t. You just kind of buy capitals where you can find them, or have someone build them for you. (not in highsec)

So… why is there dreads on evepraisal/jita ?

Are you sure what you’re seeing isnt in Maila?

Are you seeing ships, or BPC for these in Jita?

Weird, I have no idea what’s going on there.

Looking at, I don’t see any for sale:

When checking contracts in Jita, I also do not see any constructed ships, only BPCs and multi-item contracts with BPCs.

I don’t know how that’s working in EVEPraisal, but there are definitely no constructed ships there and those are not allowed to fly in HS space.

They might display “Jita” but it might be The forge region…

well, eve marketeer is a great tool indeed, thanks for sharing

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There are some very old capitals in high sec from the days where you could still use capitals in high sec, as well as when GM would transfer them to your current location after a long time of absence, for instance. In today’s EVE, there is no way to get capitals into high sec. And those which are there cannot operate like capitals or they will get moved out of high sec immediately.

If you had a capital in Jita, you can just jump it out to a cyno (,5,H/Jita) or even gate it. I think there was a guy recently who gated his Chimera to Sobaseki from Jita but I don’t know if that happened for sure because I only heard it as word on the street.


Interesting- that could certainly be it as well.

There are a few capital ships that are in high sec, but they cannot be used for anything except to fly around. They also cannot be sold or traded by the owner.

Yeah, existing Capitals in highsec can be flown there.

Both Chribba (the Veldnaught) and Max Singularity (Fax gifted by CCP) fly their capitals in highsec semi regularly.

Capitals aren’t illegal in highsec. It’s just that there’s no way to get them there any longer. However ones that were in there from before the cyno jamming of highsec, can still be used - with massive restrictions.

Any in highsec cannot to sold under any circumstance. So there will never be one on the market.

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You can have all the caps you want in high sec on the test server though. It makes for some pretty hilarious situations.

Really? I did not know this- thanks!

You learn something new every day! :slight_smile:

No worries, the rules for Capitals in highsec can be seen in the rules of the Auction forum:

There’s also a support page with the rules:

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Is for sure The Forge, at Jita 4-4 the only caps you find to trade are freighters and jump freighters, all others are out of HS