The problem of attack NPC capital ships on fighters

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. So, the problem is that with the appearance of the npc dreadnought with the last npc wave, the heavy fighter does not have time to fly to the ship, as their speed is cut several times on the grid, and there is enough damage to destroy the whole squad. I try to find any tactics against it, but I play a little, and the capital ships do not appear so often. I see the solution to the problem in the following way: npc capitals bind a system of aggression like a drifter so that he would hit first only on the largest signature. After some time, he can attack to fighters (I think in 30 seconds).

P.S. if anyone has a working tactic against capital ships, please share in this topic. Thanks for attention

That is intentional and CCP should actually increase the rate at which NPC capitals appear, in particular in ore anomalies. At the same time, their bounties should be cut in half or so to reduce their farming potential and instead make them a very threatening nuisance.

The more fighters and Excavators die to these things, the better.

Is it the logic of the CCP or do you think so? Nevertheless, then it is necessary to cut revenues in other aspects of the game. After all, with the anomaly most top income.

This extreme opinion is mine and only mine. CCP, however, timidly agrees with them because they introduced these capitals specifically as risk-factor for capitals and ratting in general. It’s sad, though, that carriers have to work really hard to kill even a dreadnought, while a super just instas them out of existence.

just so super now suffers the most. Dreadnought or titan under the net kills ametate immediately. This is the whole problem. Previously, yes, it was possible to calmly recall them and exchange them for others without loss, but now it does not work out that way. I ask people how they are struggling with it, and at the same time I make my proposal on this matter.

Good. That’s how it should be. For all I care, super pilots should suffer excruciatingly for using that ship.

Furthermore, I think you blow this way out of proportion.

There is barely a full page of losses yesterday. This does not seem like a big issue and usually not even a full page.

well, I understood your position :slight_smile: Maybe you are right, but still I would correct the aggression when capitals appear, and then let them shoot at the drones. If you slow down or do not take anything off, then you merge, if you manage them smartly, then let them be a bit beaten, but still return them whole.

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