Capital argo

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. So, the problem is that with the appearance of the npc dreadnought with the last npc wave, the heavy fighter does not have time to fly to the ship, as their speed is cut several times on the grid, and there is enough damage to destroy the whole squad. I try to find any tactics against it, but I play a little, and the capital ships do not appear so often. I see the solution to the problem in the following way: npc capitals bind a system of aggression like a drifter so that he would hit first only on the largest signature. After some time, he can attack to fighters (I think in 30 seconds).

P.S. if anyone has a working tactic against capital ships, please share in this topic. Thanks for attention

Why did you make a second thread about the same thing? The problem of attack NPC capital ships on fighters

GM propose to ask a question on the forum and also suggested writing in this section.

Please don’t make duplicate forum threads. Closing, your first thread is enough.

Thank you.