Heavy Fighters

Hey Everyone,

Quick question here, just trying to understand Heavy Fighter mechanics before I venture into super carriers. So lets take, Tyrfing and Gungnir for example. From my understanding and correct me if I’m wrong, the Tyrfing are more anti-capital heavy fighters, while the Gungnir are more sub-capital heavy fighters.

Is that a correct assumption?

Also another question is doing research through zkillboard and a few other sites I’m seeing that heavy fighters like the Gungnir are used in PvE, is that the correct setup for that or does it really depend upon preference for PvE?

Again, just trying to understand the heavy fighter mechanics and correct me if my hypothesis is wrong, just want to be able to correctly understand it all and wrap my head around it.

Thanks in advance,


Always use long range heavy fighters while ratting.

The “heavy attack role” heavy fighters are specifically designed for anti-capital purposes and almost do zero damage to subcapital rats.

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