CCP Cheating!

IT’s a manipulation.

The dreadnought is the proof that round-earth alien drug industries have a hold on CCP and are trying to brainwash us in a video game.
Follow the mantra of holy raptor, give me all your ingame possessions, to save your immortal soul from slavery.

Remember : trans-humanity NEVER walked on the 14th moon of Demeter. We found evidences the film was actually shot on the 5th moon instead (the shadows do not match and the flag goes twice too fast)

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Again, it was a LORE EVENT. Part of a storyline that’s been going on for several months, if not longer.

You people… jeez.




Relax princesses, It was a joke!

CONCORD is not FacPo. CONCORD protects the Empires from Capsuleer damage, what the Empires do about their internal order is a sovereign matter.

I think we should be able to use Dreadnoughts in PVE in highsec.

We need something exciting to spice up the game.

Go use Dreadnoughts in C5/C6 wormholes, plenty of excitement there. Capitals were taken out of highsec a long time ago, no reason to bring them back (imho of course).

You know those Blood Dreadnaughts were basically fit to shoot other capital ships or structures right? They couldn’t hit any of the sub caps (unless they sat still at range)?

If you want to get mad at CCP get mad at the HUGE bias they have towards the Amarr RP block (like “here have some free capital kills”) rather than the spawning of dumb AI rats in highsec.

you already have. It’s called LS/NS/WS

Mindlessly grinding in total safety… in a dread … is not exciting.

Those things exist in low, null, wh space as a carrot to entice senior players out of highsec.

Excitement is available in those areas, though the waves of nerfs over the last decade have largely eroded the fields of combat into a ginormous stripmine for competitive botting.

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Meanwhile in Reykjavik…


I would like to know why NPCs have infinite capacitor capacity but players have to deal with cap stability and running out of cap?

I would like to know why sasha battleships in incursions can use capital-level energy neutralizes but players have to deal with appropriately sized neuts?

NPCs have been cheating for years. This is nothing new.


I would like to know why NPCs in missions jump without even the need for a cyno, in a space you can’t even light a cyno ?

I would like to know why NPCs can lock you and crit at 10 000 km ? and why some NPC targeting time is fixed ? and why they can keep shooting missiles for jours, without a need to refuel ?

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Yeah, NPCs are cheating!!! OP was right!

Also, why are npcs able to modify modules, like estamel, but we can’t??? So unfair!!!


The treachery is thicker even than that. CCP looks the other way while the people crewing these NPC vessels play with omega quality gear without paying monthly subs. You could even argue they are sponsored by CCP!

They receiver their ships free of charge, and they are able to bypass concord response times completely.

Furthermore, it’s my understanding the NPCs aren’t even presented the EULA and thus cannot be held responsible to it.

This is clearly treachery…


I dont think so. All the drops are always garbage T1 meta crap, so it must be fitted by T1 meta crap, too, which can be used by Alphas.

Also, only 1 person on the ship must be omega. The rest can be alpha. So its not as bad, when you consider they just need to crew one person to be an omega.

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Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Paying NPCs to attack citadels. Well, it probably would be a bad idea in the end, but an interesting one anyway.

PH is already like NPCs.

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While we’re on the topic, I want to equip a raitaru with 36.5 Cruise Missile Launcher II’s and fly it through stargates. All the way to Jita. And then turn on my upwell MWD to kamikaze jita 4-4.

Wait, what were we talking about?


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