SCC secure key storage and relationship with CONCORD

Sorry for bad english. Google translator.
In SCC secure key storage NPS Concord? If you farm a lot and kill CONCORD in these complexes, then there will be problems with flying in highsec?

You cannot kill concord.

Concord will kill you if you attack them or another player.

Faction navy and faction police hunt you in hisec for 2 reasons.

1 will hunt you down for bad security standings, the other will hunt you for bad standings with the faction that controls the space you are in.

They can be killed

I believe he’s actually asking about what he thinks are Concord faction NPCs inside the SCC Secure Key Storage sites in Low Sec. And if killing those will give him bad standings with Concord in High Sec.

(No idea myself I’ve not run these sites. My guess would be “no” since a fair number of people run them and I haven’t seen anyone complaining about standings loss.)


Yes, I asked it.

Concord is only in hisec so i doubt its them in the scc sites.

Upon investigation, seems to be a special class of diamond rats that lurk there.

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