Is using the same mechanic for faction police while in faction warfare also an exploit?

As far as I know, it isn’t.

The Faction Navy (and the Police, but they are a separate mechanic) are not CONCORD.
They can be shot at / destroyed by players, outrun, and avoided entirely. None of these are against the rules.

Then again… for something like this it might be best to submit a ticket to the GMs. They are the ultimate arbiter.

Faction police isn’t concord. Concord punish players with criminal flag. Faction police will hunt you for example for low standings or low security status and it has nothing to do with concord.

i’ve seen people using the exact same method (roughly) of deploying drones, repping them and the navy don’t respond to acts of aggression elsewhere in a system?

for me i think this would constitute as abusing mechanics, but hey, i’ll file a GM ticket and get a legit answer

because the navy / facpo doesn’t react to acts of aggression most likely… low standings, or low security standings will get them to come after you… acts of aggression will not.

i’ve been in FW enough to know that it’s both.

-5 effective standing: You are “kill on sight” anywhere in that faction’s space. NPC Navies will spawn and attack you. Note that unlike Concord, Navy ships will not warp disrupt or scram you.

You can attack pilots who are enlisted in the enemy militia anywhere in New Eden (CONCORD or sentry guns will not interfere) without impacting your security status (and, of course, they can also attack you!). This effect is most felt in high-sec, where you now have to be on the lookout for enemy players.
Facpo/navy, They will point you, but they will web you first, meaning if you warp off immidiately it requires a very slow ship to be caught. They also do not scram, so if you are caught, you can still MJD to escape. Unlike CONCORD, it’s certainly feasible to survive encounters with them - but they make travel through enemy-held high-sec a hassle at the least)

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