[March] Jump Fatigue Changes

(Ramman K'arojic) #167

Been a victim too many times but do fly carrier

(theRaptor) #168

Did you completely miss that they are making it so you can’t tether for 30 seconds after jumping?

(IV Dystopia) #169

Oh don’t get them wrong this is a “HUGE” buff to renting empires.

(theRaptor) #170

You’ve obviously never dropped it in combat if you don’t know that this change does not alter the minimum jump reactivation timer at all.

(IV Dystopia) #171

Where is this posted?

I must have missed it.

(theRaptor) #173

(IV Dystopia) #174

Nice, so just tethering.

I like that a lot actually.
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(Admiral Wreck) #175

Does anyone know the actual new formula to calculate the jump fatigue? I’m trying to calculate it, but I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly.
As far as I got it, a carrier with JDC V doing max range jumps (7 LY) will have this fatigue:
1st jump --> 80 min blue timer, 8 minutes of red
2nd jump --> 300min blue timer, 30 minutes of red

Is this correct or am I missing something here?

(Arrendis) #176

There’s no indication that the formula is changing, just the caps. So yes, you’d hit 30 minutes red timer on your second jump.

(prospectress) #177

I’m a casual player and own 2 capitals (carrier, dread).

To me the most detrimental effect of Phoebe was the massive jump range nerf.
A carrier used to be a nice tool, to get to places, that are inaccessible
to small groups otherwise, simply by moving around blocking points.
If you have enough power, to force your way anywhere, low range is not an issue,
but if you want to join your new alliance as a (smaller) corp, that happens to be
in say Paragon Soul, while you are now in lowsec, the low range creates choke points
and limits the possible routes severly.

I have much less issues with fatique - maybe it should be reduced a bit and blue timer
limited to a day, but I very much see the point of force projection and it’s prevention.
In my opinion, a carrier should be able to jump at least 10ly (used to be 14+).

(Tzar Sinak) #178

Something I have never really understood, why is jump fatigued assigned to the character and not the ship, or both? After all ships take wear and tear.

And before anyone suggests that assigning the fatigue to the ship would result in a proliferation of capital ship construction, well, that ship sailed long ago.

(OCKAP) #179

In my opinion, current mechanic’s main downside is too big punishment for short series of jumps
Classic situation - you doing two jumps to a fight and ending up with 8-10h fatigue.
Then if you simply want to get back to your staging you have to wait this 8-10h, otherwise you will kill your capital character for 4 days

Still, the way that fatigue limited cap projection of big entities is good for game. 5h max fatigue seem too low, and almost return times before fatigue.

I think that there is similar reasoning between jump clone delay and jump fatigue delay, so maybe the way to make everyone happy is to limit max blue fatigue with 20-24h, with the same 30min max red fatigue, and same calculation formula.
This will limit ability to do quick series of jumps more than once per day, while keeping the same long distances travel speed.

(Sgt Ocker) #180

I think many of you need to read Fozzies post again.

You can hit most of Delve with one or 2 jumps from an NPC station - So under the new fatigue timers.
Jump once - Wait 7 minutes
Jump again - wait 7 minutes
If the rorquals you’re hunting are 3 jumps away, your next jump will have a 30 minute cooldown so you may have to fight your way out or logoff in the system for 15 or 20 minutes after killing the rorquals before you can jump again.

(Sarina Aideron) #181

Which powerblock orderd this change? PL? Goons? NCDOT? All of them?
This change will be horrible for everyone who doesnt have a large capital fleet.

Capitals are already dominant, we dont need to buff them even more.

(Rattman) #182

The slow death of eve ordered it

(Sgt Ocker) #183

There’s no indication that the formula is changing, just the caps. So yes, you’d hit 30 minutes red timer on your second jump.

It would actually be 30 minutes on your 3rd jump - The first 2 are 7 minutes each. (Or Fozzie is telling porkies)

After this change the jump reactivation cooldowns for max-length carrier jumps made in the fastest possible succession would be 7 minutes, then 7 minutes again, then just under 30 minutes for subsequent jumps. Waiting out the fatigue timer would still work for reducing the activation cooldowns, but for most long distance travel jumping as quickly as possible and sitting at the new lower cap would become the optimal strategy.

(CLOVNEA) #184

I guess that they wanted to switch gears into fast or they forgot why they created jump fatigue.

(Zherpa) #185

Ah… the “95% Solution”

This isn’t an “iteration”… it’s a CAPITULATION. Which major alliance has forced you to “bend the knee” this time ?

At least save yourselves the hypocrisy and just get rid of fatigue altogether… because that’s exactly what you’re going to do in 6 to 12 months anyway. This charade of knocking it down by 95%… FFS… grow a pair and admit you’d rather go the full 100%.

Thanks for, well… pretty much nothing.

(Doudou Lachatte) #186

wow these forums are more toxic than reddit :open_mouth: we’ll have to work harder at being asses

(Goborn) #187

Yeah all the capital fights that are happening now are so awesome dude, oh wait there aren’t any.