Remove Tethering

Ugly and broken. What was wrong with attacking people on stations or keeping them pinned inside?

A lot. If you have to ask what’s wrong with people being able to play the game…


Tethering is the replacement for the POS Shield…


I’d have loved a button for turning off your own tethering animation for screenshot purposes.


Pfff shields were when there wasn’t docking. Now you have docking and a tether and fifty billion public citadels in every system. Lol.

Sounds more like an issue of over population of Citadels.

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Remove asset safety


Why would you want to ‘pin them in’ I thought the point was to get them to come out to hold you tightly, like real tight and share sweet nothings with the aggressor.

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Stations were always a vulnerability window for people even with sub 2 fits or a cloak. Some of them kicked you out of dock range or threw you out not aligned to anything. This could make a sub2 fit lockable if it’s going full speed opposite to most celestials and you can’t cloak if you’re in range of the station. It made docking in unfamiliar or unfortunate systems harder and the game more interesting. There’s no way back now because we’ve got citadels everywhere inculding your grandmammy’s backyard but at least get rid of this ridiculous invulnerability.

Right now it’s just as easy as undock and choose where you want to go or if you want to go at all because you’re magically buffed to be untargetable. Invulnerability is stupid. Even rorqs need this removed. If you’re in space you should be lockable at all times, well apart from the loading grace period and normal coming out of warp grace.

Apples to oranges.

Citadels are a replacement for POS, and are directly stated to be a replacement for them.

For example, using a POS as a warpout. You can warp to a POS with your ship, and end up in a shield. How is that different from warping to a citadel with your ship and ending up tethered?

If anything, it’s better than POS shields because you can bump afk dudes away from tethers, there aren’t guns that automatically shoot, aggression prevents tethers, and scramming prevents docking/tethers.

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If you’re shot or agro ed by someone else but haven’t agroed you should be allowed to dock then I’d be fine with removing tethering

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