Remove Tether

Remove tether because its too safe.

just able to dock all the time and if you have a weapon timer you can not dock for normal time.

Possibly a dome shield around the citadel.
When shield is active ships can float into it like a POS but the citadel guns can not fire out side of it.

When the shield is inactive the guns are combat capable.

Just bump the target out of thether range and attack it. Seems easy enough to me.

Besides: The forum has a search function for a reason. You should use it before you create more redundant trash. And if only the suggested topics popup would work properly that you see when you want to create a new topic. If only CCP devs could work competently.

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well we are done here
Lock pls thx

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if anything i would rather stations use this system. pointed can’t dock and not just blaped on the undock. fixes two of the biggest issues with station games

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Tether is better than station games.

But i thought it was a no-no to bump people out of tether.


it is.

From what i have heard station games are better then tether.

Redundant trash would be more like posting “reee” for 3 pages. Just because i posted a similar concept in a similar time frame does not make it trash. Data analytics can go many different avenues to find meaningful purpose. Your entire post does not benefit the community.
You must be a goon.

It is not:

Tethering was suppose to make bumping impossible but CCP was unable to make that work although they claim to still want to do it someday. In the mean time, bumping a ship out of tether range isn’t an exploit and legit.

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