Kill Rights and Citadels tethering mechanic

Define little people


Those people that mine the minerals needed for anyone to fly a ship?

We already have ships.

We won’t need minerals where we’re going.


Utter trollish nonsense…and you know it is. You just invent how Eve is ‘supposed’ to be totally on the fly. Never mind that that is not how 99.999% of players play it or have ever played it.

Fact is, even without gankers there are still NPCs ( that are supposed to be there ) that miners have to watch out for…as an example. The notion that players are ‘supposed’ to be able to just waltz around highsec risk free is the biggest pile of pure, un-adulterated, BILGE, I have seen from you in some time.


Imo Aiko Danunja should be banned from EVE Online. She refers to miners as little people and iirc she said she enjoys hurting innocent people. Even if its role play it should be banned.

I remember a GTA5 RP server where someone was RPing as a terrorist that killed innocent people in the various hotspots, it was fun for a day but then that practice got banned. If it was allowed to continue most good people would have left.

The actual bs is to call something High Security and then have it not be

Imo Westfahrn should be banned from EvE Online. He only trolls the forums and never actually plays the game.

I’m the security. Do you understand finally?


Zaera has read all your posts in this thread, a loose translation being:


Now Zaera believes, in fangs expert opinion as a Doctor of Psycogankology, that you should


Ganking is not an issue. Ganking is a life style. An amazing one.
So suck it up and go cry somewhere else. EVE is supposed to be dangerous, Highsec included. EVE needs to be brutal and unforgiving and kick your ass as soon as you undock, no mater where.

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I disagree. @Aiko_Danuja creates player made content, in a role playing game.

Player made content can be fallible. Sometimes, it can be avoided. Sometimes, player made content can be confronted and beaten. Options are variable, much like player made situations.

NPC content, like Trigs gate camping in highsec, is much more problematic in my opinion. It’s formulaic and boring, in my opinion.

This is my opinion only. I’m not interested in discussing it in this post, , outside of pointing out I disagree with your statement.


I agree with that. I believe the best solution is to get rid of kill rights.

Creating content.

Incursions and T5/T6 abyss would like to have a word with you.

Why not just get rid of tethering, and not every station having a repair shop? Just like the good olden dayz,

I guess that would bring back the ships that were so damaged you couldn’t undock. o?

@Destiny_Corrupted If you can check your in game email.

ok thanks

Your shallow responses - line of thinking make it not worth discussing with you because you simply don’t know how to discuss. You behave like a spoiled little girl who can do whatever she wants, seeing everything in just one color. I understand that for you, Eve Online has become ‘gank online’ and you can’t see any other aspects besides those that allow you to persecute miners and weak players or making fun of them, I’d like to remind you that this game wasn’t made specifically for you but for a large audience.

You’re not someone who gets to dictate terms.


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Indeed. I actually am someone who gets to dictate terms, and I can do whatever I want. I understand that for me, EvE Online has become ‘gank online’ and I honestly do not see any other aspect besides those that allow me to persecute miners and weak minded players and make fun of them. I’d like to remind you that this game was made specifically for someone like me, and I am indeed me.


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Ganking is griefing and it is not “playing the game”. The people who support griefing does not play the game either