Getting around CONCORD

There is this guy running 30 accounts in 1 Corp ganking non-war targets in High Sec and CONCORD usually does not catch him… I do not understand how he is getting away with this.

Corp/Player in question : Clipped Wingz | Corporation | zKillboard

CONCORD always catches him.

Why do you think it doesn’t?

Because of the lack of losses on zkillboard? That just means he hasn’t authorized zkillboard to access his kills and he only posts his kills, not his losses.

LOL Hawk always gets CONCORDed.

Try playing the game instead of just using zkills :smiley:

Man the trolls don’t eve try anymore LOL.

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This is New Citizens Q&A, so despite @Born_Again_Pagan being created 4 years ago, looks like possibly he didn’t play much and then just came back to the game 4 months ago.

So could be a reasonable question for someone who hasn’t played much.


:sob: I’m fuzzy now…

I doubt it very much LOL.

Most likely scenario is he got blapped by Hawk on an alt and is trying to make trouble LOL.

You cannot get around CONCORD.

You can however get around zkillboard; zkillboard only shows what you (or the other party or one of the corporations) allows it to show.

Zkillboard is a 3rd party app that only has the information that players give it, so if a ganker does not automatically upload their ship kills and losses and also does not manually upload these losses individually (which they likely do for their kills, but delayed in order not to give away free ganking intel), their losses won’t show up.


Hi @Born_Again_Pagan

Concord are a punitive force and not a protective or preventative force. This means anyone who engages in illegal activity (goes Criminal) in high-security space will be destroyed by Concord. If any player manages to find and use a way around this, they have engaged in a perma-bannable exploit.

The big takeaway is Concord does not exist to stop you from getting killed, but only to punish the person who shot you.

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