Ganking in highsec without wardec and not getting Concorded

How is this guy ganking people in highsec but not losing any ships to concord.
He didnt wardec he killed people in our corp and corp is not in war

Sounds like he is better at eve than you :grinning:


I didnt lose anything to him but someone in corp lost a JF and he was not suspect or in war in Jita.
He could just gank and warp away

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Your “friend” was so afk and likely on ap that he had no idea what happened if he saw them warp away in ships after a gank.


ye not defending this guy in corp if he was doing it right or wrong just wondering how this guy and the guys he ganked with (joshua kosion) can gank freighters in Jita and then wont get concorded .Freighters were not in war or flashy

Look at the killmails he doesnt get concorded

Ah the Kusion Clan are masters of the dark arts of ganking.


Ummm, wut?

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If you use enough people to gank you will loose your ship. Concord will still kill him.

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Actual answer:

He is getting Concorded. He just doesn’t have any of his characters signed up to Zkill, so it doesn’t pull the loss-mails.

He manually posts the killmails, and its up to anyone whoring on the Concord killmails to post the odd kill on his gank ships.

Also your ‘friend’ is just trying to make the excuses for losing their ship, its unfortunately a very common response to accuse the other side of cheating when you are bested :frowning:. Kusion gets it more than most because of his amazing multiboxing, despite posting vids of his ganks.


ever thought about possibility of him not signing in for the killboard and posting kills manually without posting losses?


spoil sports :frowning:


Hey, if its not in crime and punishment, its free game!

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He does not update Zkill. But if he ganked without a war or the freighter going suspect he would be concorded.

Also Kusion and Painter often gank at the same time in Jita, they will hold off on squads of Talos’s and if needed will add them to get the kill. What he saw warp off was the ones he did not shoot your friends freighter with


On a slight deviation to this, i have not “signed up” for zkill ever yet my losses appear there.


Already detailed why in this thread. Read the post by Caterpil You should be able to work out why from this reply. Happy to help :slight_smile:

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Indeed I did read that, “doesnt have any of his chracters signed up the zkill” i dont have any of mine signed up to zkill either but when i lose ships they appear there… which is why i queried it

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I think it happens if the person who killed you is signed-up.

In among the salt.

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Kusion is a broadcast-inputter. CCP looks the other way because, accounts.