Want to hire Mercs for high-sec miner interdiction

.5 high-sec ice system.

Target multi-boxes 10 Retrievers and 2 Orcas. No freighter. Retrievers warp to Citadel and off load.

Want serious and ongoing action taken against this fleet - all the toons are in NPC corps.

Primarily active after DT and the following ice spawns until about 00:00 Eve time.

Only mines ice.

Please send mail ingame if interested.

You need code

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Take the advice above as it is solid!

CODE’s not for hire, far as I know.

Retrievers are easy targets. Literally anyone could put an end to that operation. I’ve got one in my home system that multi-boxes 14 well-tanked Skiffs, an Orca, and a freighter. It would take a fleet of 200 ships to take that one out. I just bump him endlessly whenever I see him in system until he gives up and logs out.

Heres a better question. Who owns the citadel he works from? Is it an alt of his?

The Citadel situation is being dealt with. It’s a bit easier since it must be owned by an entity subject to war decs. They’re owned by one-man corps believed to be the multi-boxer’s alts.

His fleet is the problem. With ice prices high as they are now, T1 mining barges are basically disposable, so discouraging a multi-boxer like this takes more than knocking off one or two at a time.

You need code or goons but Mercs can’t take this since they are all npc

Mercs can fly suicide gank ships just as easily as code and goons. Some mercs will care about their sec status… some won’t.

Arguably, the profitability of an op like this is straightforward for the mercs. They get ISK for taking the contract, and then they bring a hauler to scoop whatever drops.

The math is even fairly easy, because one can generally know reasonably well what it would take to gank all of that. Once you know the cost, you can quote a price to the OP.

â– â– â– â–  me, I just replied to a month old thread. Sorry folks. Pointless bump.

Not totally pointless. Still looking for mercs to take a contract.

CODE didn’t seem to be interested.


Try goons

message me details of where you want this done can organise a hit no charge to you as this is content i can build around

Thank you for your reply. Message sent in game.

Don’t use RIOT, they seem to have troubles sorting out who to dec and will probably end up dec’ing you, Azazul (aka Lolicopter Boi) still hasn’t sorted out the basics…

Still amazed they have sorted out how to undock