How can I get ganked in high sec?

I’ve seen topics about people getting upset about being ganked in high sec- but I have the reverse problem, I can’t get myself ganked in high sec. I’ve tried mining in systems with heavy CODE presence, and I’ve also traveled around with zero tank. No luck.

I try to act like I’m AFK, I watch the screen, but hands are off the keyboard/mouse- and I don’t have a mining permit.

There’s a few reasons I can think of:

  1. CODE doesn’t actually attack people who want to be attacked
  2. I’m mining when high sec gankers are offline
  3. I’m a newbie, and I can’t afford high value ship equipment- and CODE only attacks when it’s profitable (if this is true, then it almost feels too easy to avoid CODE).

I apologize in advance if there’s already a topic for this, I tried doing a search, but didn’t see any. I only see topics for people who don’t want to be ganked.

Perhaps they just think you are too good to be true (you being an easy target). Or you just simply doesn’t show on their “Gank”-radar, LoL :smile:

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The easiest way, is to create a double wrapped courier package of some crap, put it into a shuttle or corvette and undock Jita 4-4, and then hands-off and wait …

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This might be to obvious for a question, but
Why do you wanne get ganked?

This. If you don’t have the wealth, the illusion of such should be enough.

This interests me. How do I do a double wrapped courier package?

Courier contract stuff to an alt or friend. This creates a plastic wrap package. From the alt then courier contract the package back to you. The point is, that you can’t see the content of the inner package with a cargo scanner, so the ganker doesn’t know it’s only crap.

Auto-piloting such a thing between Jita and Amarr in a T1 hauler may also work.


The other thing, “AFK” mining in a Retriever in a 0.5 system should you get ganked sooner or later. Though it took me a couple of sessions to finally attract CODE.

Did they get concorded for that?

Yes, and you receive a killright. I made 20M with making it public. As hub camping with an open killright does not work well, this type of gankers tend to clear (pay) it right after the gank.

Well it’s not high sec but go to Rancer and you will find plenty of help there or the trade hub in minmatar space, code like that hub. (HEK).

By wanting to get ganked, you are obeying the spirit of the CODE, by being fully aware of the possibility of PVP.

We are extremely capable of telling who follows the CODE, and will prioritize others over you.

I think we can conclude the danger of CODE is greatly overstated. There is no risk to flying a nicely fit Hulk or Mackinaw in highsec or loading your freighter with everything you own.

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Maybe you’ve been obeying the Code and didn’t even know it. Its the only explanation I can think of - New Order agents are extremely efficient. Also brave and handsome.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a credible account of a Code violator going unpunished.

There was a time when I was multibox mining with 16 accounts - 1 freighter, 1 orca and 14 hulks. I was waiting for the day CODE would show up, but it never happened. 6 Billion on grid, all anchored and nothing. Kinda felt disappointed.

Didn’t last long though, even though I was melting belts in the matter of minutes, the amount of work it required was going to drive me crazy.

I am pretty sure others have spotted me, maybe even angry miners who could not mine in peace could have reported me, so why CODE didn’t show up is beyond me.

My advice is hang around Uedama on autopilot and you’ll get their attention, it’s like going to a bear’s cave and poke it on the nose. :smiley:

Okay, I did review the CODE website, it does appear that I’ve been following the NEW HALAIMA CODE OF CONDUCT (10 of the 13). I would try to break more of those rules- but it goes against my personal play style.

I mean, not congratulating my attacker in local feels kind of rude…

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback here.

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