Why, CCP?

Who’s the troll poster? I’m genuine in my curiosity about these things and in no way am I trolling.

That I didn’t know, thanks for the tip. Seriously, thanks, that should help avoid lots of explosions.

Oh? Nothing I said was wrong tho :smiley:

Sigh. I expect more from you honestly.

You’re just giving out mid effort lately.

Disagree there.

I mean in the mathematical sense, which trait do you want to maximize or minimize.

The decline in population has led to a decline in targets, so they’re feeding industrial players to compensate.

I guess. To me optimisation suggests there is only one true answer to a problem.

I see what you mean. I’ve learned that in optimization you’re given multiple variables and asked to min/max a few of them.

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Hull tank your procs, people. This is the way.

Is it true that trolls can regenerate their wounds? I always wondered. Seems like the right place to ask.

This is the way. I’ve even shield tank it as well for more EHP and use t1 strips for no waste.

But they won’t :smiley: They greedy.

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