So with the new mining changes, do barges and exhumer have more EHP or less?

I am not very good at theorycrafting, but with the new changes incoming (see this spreadsheet:

Procurers, Skiffs and Hulks loose some of their Shield HP,
the Skiff looses some of his Armor HP and
the Skiff and the Procurer loose some of their structure HP.
but gain some resistances and the other ships gain a little bit of HP look here:

What do you think, after the changes do barges and exhumers have more EHP or less?

P.s. as a side note, most retrievers I have ever seen had nothing in 3 of their 4 mid slots. Do you think now that they get a small CPU & Power Grid increase they might be able to put shield modules in there?

Haven’t calculated or simulated it, but it looks like the Covetor and Retriever get a bit more EHP, Procurer less. Same for exhumers.

A shame, I don’t mind that Procurers become a bit easier to kill (they were really tough before) but I don’t see why the other two barges need more survivability.

I went and checked this with my fits and the Procurer was down 14k buffer on my tank fit and my Skiff down 10k on my tank fit. I then looked at the Hulk and it was down 556, which I did not expect

But it is more than just tank, people looking at it just based on that need their brains slapped around a bit, because with waste and all that you will be forced to have an ore scanner and fit more for yield in any case. Gankers are going to love this, a buff to ganking without any doubt, but I am sure that they will paint it as a nerf.

Can I live with this, yes, will I throw my toys around and have a paddy about it, no.

PS Skiff was down to 82k from 92 k, Proc went down from 79k to 65k. Skiff could still force most ganklers to bring a friend so not a complete loss, but the Proc, nah…


I responded in the other thread, but I want to say here as well that this isn’t really a buff or a nerf. It’s a set of convoluted changes intended to get players to spend more money on accounts (e.g. gankers needing one additional shooter, miners needing an alt for scanning rocks).

That said, it’s unlikely that these changes are final anyway. I don’t think CCP intends to nerf the Hulk’s EHP, for example (even though 500 EHP is meaningless in the grand scheme of things). Also, the Procurer’s EHP being dropped by a low 5 figures isn’t really going to affect them in terms of ganking, as they’re rarely targeted anyway (and maybe CCP wants to change this). However, with that damage bonus, the ship could start to rival cruisers in terms of combat (and especially baiting) potential.

I will answer you in that other thread. o7

What I can’t quite fathom a reason for with the Proc is the -2 mid slots and +1 low slot.

What has been wrong with it that meant this was a solution?

It looks like CCP have just gone to a standard slot layout, but I still can’t see why.

Clearly to move from shield tank to hull tank.

That may be an effect, but still not clear why.

By that I mean, from the devblog:

Mining and industrial ships are receiving a balance update which will create more clarity between the roles/specialization of the different ships

How does changing the slot layout of barges to be the same, create more clarity between specialization and roles?


The Proc and Skiff also got a mass increase and speed and agility nerf.

Losing mid slots on both ships is strange. Less combat utility too, proc was a great bait ship until this patch goes through. Now it dies in fire along with everything else :stuck_out_tongue:


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