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Can the CSMs ask why the Barges have to be Hull tanked? While the Exhumers have to be shield tanked?

There is not continuity of skills or fittings.

If the Procurer get the shield resistance bonuses per Mining barge skill, why does not the Procurer have enough mids to shield tank fit.

Yes the EHP goes up for the Procurer if you hull fit it but then you can not put a drone damage in the low or any mining up grades either and the Procurer no longer active shield fit it. I have a Procurer active shield tank fit that kills Null Sec battleships rats and not there is no way a Procurer will tank Null Sec rats.

If the barges are now meant to be Hull fitted why does Orca, Porpoise and Rorq get bonuses to remote shield rep and not remote Hull rep?

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These are the balance changes CCP has come up with. I don’t think there’s much we can do at this point to alter them. You’re going to have to play with the ship types and the fittings to make them work after the patch.

and they are under no obligation to listen to the CSM… there’s several devs in various departments that refuse to work with CSM

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Yes i agree, just wonder why those ships have such nonsense traits and yet they call them balanced


Obviously, they expect the mix of ships and their fits to change. This is part of what happens after every major rebalance. The ships will not be the same they were before. It’s up to you to figure out how to optimize them for what you want to do.

This is part of the game.


Not questioning that ppl must adapt to changes on fits, bit at least the changes must be reasonable and have logic. It’s the same if you place a ship with 5% bonus drone damage and it has only band witch for 1 light drone as an example. if a barge have bonus to shields then why the heck cut its mid slots? then get rid of shield bonus and place other one .

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To force you to make choices. That’s why they’re doing it. You get expanded EHP, bigger ore holds, and other buffs, but you also need to decide what you want to sacrifice. That’s the logic.

Whether we like it or not, CCP doesn’t seem to be a big fan of straight buffs with no trade offs anymore.

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What was the trade off for close range ammo buff that benefits mostly ganks in hisec? Or the active resistance modules nerf , what is the bonus for that on the haulers size? . Think trade off is not their intent after all.

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That was the trade off - you got better damage, but less EHP on ships. Regardless, again, this is not a thing CCP is going to solve for you - you’ve got to figure out what you want to do yourself.

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Ah cool so now i can fit blasters in my DST for 20%more damage, real usefull

The EHP nerf hit every ship. The blasters buff was obviously for blasters. If you’re going to be obtuse, I’m going to stop reading now.


This. You said it always have a trade off, witch is false, blasters got bonus damage, and resistances got nerfed, so haulers got nerf+nerf and gankers got buff+buff. Where is the trade off?

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I didn’t say there was always a trade off. I said CCP aren’t fans of not doing straight buffs without trade offs anymore. Then you bring out year+ old changes to argue with me. Please stop wasting my time.


You can still get a decent shield tank out the proc, even with 2 mids (assuming you don’t fit a survey scanner). This will allow you to fit a DDA, or multiple MLU’s. Or you could hull tank, and use your mids for something else. Or you could shield and hull tank to squeeze out even more EHP. Of course, you can no longer shield and PvP fit it, but the new stats does give the Procurer a lot of options. Oh, and doesn’t it get a more bandwidth now? I’d have to double check, but if so, it would also give you the option of using medium drones.

Hull reppers suck, there are no hull boosts, and I’d imagine that many miners will still fit shield so that they can keep lows open for MLU’s. Of course, it would be ideal if CCP gave bonuses to both hull and shield remote reps. But, if I only had to pick one, I’d rather it be shield.

What’s your point? That barges should be buffed without any tradeoffs because ganking got a straight buff a while back?

Well, that was also a sweeping change that applied to tanking mods and ammo types, which is a different beast than changes to particular ships. Naturally, it’s much harder to control (and often predict) how sweeping changes will impact every ship, in every activity, in every area of space, than it is to control how individual ship changes and the impact that they will have.

Moreover, certain ships activities might sometimes need straight buffs, or straight nerfs. So, it’s possible that CCP looked at the state of ganking and/or risk of hauling and PvE activities in Eve, and decided that ganking getting a double buff would be a good thing.

The only way to get more EHP on the Procurer is a 100% Hull tank fit. My procurer now has more EHP and that does not count the active rep. I also have more drone damage. This is a 100% nerf.

Like I said to Safira, you’re going to have to rework all your fits for your mining ships.

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I understand that but I am stating a fact. The only way to get any tank on the ORE mining barges is to hull tank them. ORE ships are supposed to be shield tanks.

All these changes are doing is making mining barges weaker and less fun. I don’t care about the ore hold garbage increases. I do care about the procurer being driven into the ground. A ships with shield bonuses that can’t use shields, is just wrong. There is no continuity in the skills or fits from going from barges to exhumers. This is just another bad blow to miners after 2.5 years of garbage.

@Brisc_Rubal either way thanks for swinging by and reading. I didn’t think anything would change and I don’t expect anyone to care about miners.

I literally got an EVE mail from a prominent high sec ganker that starts off by saying essentially that “I know none of you care about high sec mining gankers” and then complains that all of these changes to tank on the mining ships will make them too hard to gank anymore, and that content will dry up. I don’t know why you guys all think that nobody cares about you just because changes are being made that impact how you do what you do. This is what we’re all dealing with.

There is no way for CCP to balance high sec tank vs. null sec tank. They think the tank is too strong, you think the tank is too weak. That, to me, tells me they probably got it right. You’re going to have to use a different ship to kill the rats in null now, or have a friend in a combat ship (or an alt) there to do it, or you’ll have to use something other than a procurer.

This isn’t about “not caring” about mining. It’s changing the meta, and that’s going to require you changing how you do what you want to do. Look at the other ships, see if they fit your needs better.

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