How orca miners are going to Plex their accounts after the mining changes?

If the Orca is getting nerfed by losing its mining drone capabilities… how are they going to pay for the omega?

Now they are just sitting AFK in bot-mode in Highsec eating roids undisturbed thanks to their impressive tank, huge cargo and drones, how are they going to survive after December?

If they leave the game, is someone going to be affected by their absence?

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Ive 6 Orcas I didnt have last week that say me

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Because people are trying to unload them before the changes take effect?


Yup. They have bought into the “They will be useless” line

You’re sharp. It wouldn’t even occur to me that people would be trying to offload them since I wouldn’t be looking to get rid of mine and would have assumed others to feel the same way.

I actually have half a mind to play again, and would probably be looking to pick up an orca if I did.

Well, it’s clear that CCP hates miners, that’s why I sold all my orcas to standing buy orders in Jita. If you were smart, you’d do the same.


like this of course!


Dabloons and crates is the future.

Last I checked they’re not a charity.

No, it is clear that a few at CCP realise the damage & baggage that players like you have caused to the game economy or possibly Pearl Abyss have realised what a lame goose they’ve purchased.

Personally I think it is too late, Sony’s n+1 account & soft on botting hard on RMT game design has saw CCP profit bloom over the years. Eve online is in the cesspit now because of it, pulling the plug and launching Eve 2.0 is the best plan.

Poverty patching eve 1.0 is only gonna harm 2.0 uptake by making your brain dead n+1 player Base cry because they need to engage more than primitive thought. CCP should just do more brain dead n+1 prosperity changes, let the brain dead players like you Shipwreck cheer your own doom.

The only economy that matters to any company is their revenue and profits.


If that were the case scarcity would never have happened.


Buy an exhumer or rorqual?

Everyone will fill less ore in jita. Prices goes up. Gankers have less juicy fat targets in hisec.

It’s a fact that CCP contributed to the final version of the New Halaima Code of Conduct which is the law Highsec and the founding document of the New Order of Highsec and CODE.


Isnt that what everyone but Gankers wants?

Expensive Catalysts, less ganking?

Less ores are AFK mined by Orcas, so non-Orca miners will get paid better for their time after the changes.


Thank you CCP for finally fixing ganking! It only took you like 18 years!

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Not my problem™


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