How orca miners are going to Plex their accounts after the mining changes?

I think you’re missing option 3, that you take off the tinfoil hat, i think its starting to cause permanent damage

Nothing crazy about it. It’s easy to do this.

Sure, its technically “easy” to do, but they won’t actually do either of those things lol

We don’t know what they will or won’t do.

don’t know care what they will or won’t do.

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Problem with that, is that there’s no way to verify the outcome of that bet.

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This mining nerf means less activity for gankers.

Gankers don’t just gank miners.

So yes, what everyone but gankers want, less ganks.

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I dont care about ganks. I dont mine afk. I would like to have old mining ships back, not this new crap, ccp made.

So you want less tank and no drone mining Orcas and Rorqs?

Amazing, your wish came true

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Not true. Procurer after patch will have less tank, orca wont be able to mine.

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Thats exactly what I just said


Porcs (maybe can’t remember)/skiff definitely will gain EHP so long as you don’t train the bare minimum skills. They have new bonuses in regards to HP while losing only a small amount of RAW and the 2 mids (for the proc).

Any proof of that? :open_mouth:

How does nerfing the ships change that?

There was no nerf just a rebalance to their proper purpose as fleet booster. This is making mining good.

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I was referring to the Procurer and Venture, and exploration class ships.

No nerfs there either. I think you are mistaken they were rebalanced for greater active gameplay.