Buff Mining barges

So there I was pvping like crazy yesterday. Decided to take a break and finish the night off in a quiet system mining in a alt.

Someone posted in local about a scout for safety. So I watched local, notta. Then 3 dessies appeared within blaster range of my retriever out of warp. So I aligned and overheated my shield hardener. Of course they tackled me anyways and smashed my ship. Even though I was hull tanked. And i had a MTU next to me so all my stuff was returned.

  1. 3 goons -10 sec status did not show flashy in local until they engaged me. Why is there a delay in local showing the security status. Nor were they flashy on my overview.

  2. They didnt retrieve anything so why bother? Its just a killmail. Not even a good one.

  3. Barges need a buff. In fw I hunt wt barges all the time. Even with tank they are paper thin. I used to rock a procurer but it got killed by 3 dessies as well. So now i just mine as fast as possible and mtu it.

  4. Barges need a buff to tank. As well as warp core bonuses that ventures have. Or more fitting cpu/pg so I can fit something worth a damn. Or a bonus to ecm burst. Freakin something.



Check your overview settings.

Because EVE is a pvp game and they just wanted to have fun?

What kind of buff?
People use Barges in… Faction Warfare?
You said you HULL TANKED a RETRIEVER. It seems more like you have no idea what you’re doing.

Why? Almost everyone else seems to be doing just fine in properly tanked ships.


No. If you want the safety that comes with flying a venture or expedition frigate, fly one of those. It’s the trade-off. You don’t get the excellent mining ability of a barge without giving something…


Yes, yes, and yes. My overview is fine. Setup for fleets, general pvp, drones, warping, pve, and scouting, and finally stations. I dont logi. Yes my main pvp has on average 3 to 7 kills per day with 1 or 2 losses. So yea.

War targets in barges. Yes. War targets in orcas. Yes. Wt’s in freighters transporting a whole mining op. Yes. Look at turlon in gallente fw.

Hull tank a retriever with shield invul. Yes. Hull tank a procurer gets you 45 to 50k ehp. Now say 3 catalysts with blasters overheated with 19 seconds before concord arrives. Do the math.

I make less mining than any other activity in game. Especially killing shiny kikis and asteros and selling the drops. Why do I do it? Because I like to try new things out.

So before you go questioning my story know this. I normally mine in lowsec. But I only mine in .5 systems when I dont want to check dscan every 25 seconds.

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Mining barges are fine and don’t need a buff. Procurers can get huge amounts of EHP and have drone damage bonuses on top of that.

Get/join a mining fleet if you want more safety.

Also, don’t hull tank your procurer unless it’s a bait fit and you need the mid slots for EWAR. A shield procurer has more EHP. With good shield boosts (from the Porpoise/Orca in your fleet) you can get your T2 shield Procurer over 100k EHP. Add remote shield reps from that same Porpoise or Orca and you will be very very tough to kill in your barge.

[Procurer, Procurer Ore EHP]

Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Medium Shield Extender II

Strip Miner I
Strip Miner I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Something like this is going to be very uneconomic for high sec gankers to kill. 90k EHP and drops a couple of cheap T2 modules and ores on death.

T2 rigs are perhaps a bit expensive, so you could choose T1 rigs instead, which still puts you over 80k EHP.


People aren’t always flashy. It could be they turned flashy upon engaging you.

Watch your surroundings, especially when you’re flying something easily killed like a Retriever.

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No, no they don’t. If you can’t figure out how to mine safely with all the tools CCP has given us over the past few years, you deserve to lose ships.


All the ships need buff. Or weapons need nerf. Ship explodes too easily. Tank it and it’s a turtle, shield it and it’s a kite. Even the big bad transports, carriers and dreadnoughts, too weak. Weapons ineffective, hull deficient like Chinese lamps in space.
For the price of those ships, I wouldn’t even think of getting into anything bigger than a Destroyer. Fast, versatile and expendable. Perfect.

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Actually the Retriever can get the most EHP by hull tanking it , you get more than a shield or armor setup.
Most of the EHP for barges and industrial command ships like Purpoise and Orca comes from hull and shield , but with the Retriever you only got 1 mid slot , so you get more if you hull tank it because of the 3 low slots that it has.


Yes but it matters little whether the barge has very little health or little health by shield tanking versus hull tanking it. Don’t use a Retriever if you want tank. Use a shield tanked Procurer.

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Well ofc you don’t use a Retri if you want tank…
The idea is it won’t die to 1 destroyer .
Thing is you don’t care anyway , if you mine in a Retri , you go max yield and AFK in a relative safer system and hope you get to mine the ship value before it gets blown up.

If you go the yield tank route, you don’t want hull tank either but want more yield in your lows.

Hull tank on a mining barge is a good option for a battle/bait procurer. I don’t see other situations in which a hull tank barge is useful.

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i said:

max yield = 3 MLUs , 0 tank.

Yes, and I was responding to

The way it looks is that yesterday you were pvping like crazy and now today they were pvping like crazy!


A hull tanked retriever is quite bad…

A procurer that’s normally shield tanked will mine faster then the retriever and is a lot more tanker then one? One draw back is you have to warp to a citadel more often so what? At least you have a safe ship and you didn’t die?

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With MTU and procurer hold itself you gonna get similar ore capacity. Even if someone gonna try to shoot your MTU, you should have enough time to just refit for hauler and scoop it.

Still, with proper bookmarks on belt and warping to station once full. You don’t lose much income.

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Once you understand the mental deficiencies and psychotic tendencies of goons it will all become clear. They would kill their own krabs in Delve (‘mEr GuYz! MeR!!’) for ‘fun’.

They are the kid in the back of class who smells and is playing with a Zippo lighter he stole from this week’s new boyfriend of their mom’s.

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Yep. Never mind scoots at all times. He posts BS.

And yet, even if you do properly fit out a retriever like this, it still blows up with such a tiny gang. The OP makes good points.


Mining barges already have been massively buffed. Their hp is way higher than they used to be and the right one properly fit can be a brick. I say they don’t need a buff whatsoever.

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