Squall Hauler to Combat Mining Barge

I have always wanted a combat barge, a mining barge that has both high slot weapons and drones and not just drones.

The upgraded version would be built from Jovian blueprints that never made it to the production line.

Five High Slots that could fit any type of turret or missile based system + miner lasers.
Five Medium Slots
Five Low Slots
Three Rig Slots

2,000 m/3 cargo bay that could be used for hauling stuff or ore.
Up to 125 m/3 of drone bay space with 125 mega bites of bandwidth. But why not terra bites? its 2024.

A 25% bonus to damage for the weapon fitted
25% bonus to drone control range and velocity
25% increase in drone repair while docked in the drone bay
10% increase in mining laser range
10% increase in mining yield.

A base of 10,000 EHP with shields being the primary defense system.

I’ll probably regret this, Dryson, but perhaps you should try to tease out the reason why your proposed vessel:

Should we tell him about mining in Battleships ?


…and you still get shanked by 16 Catalysts while you’re AFK alt-tabbed to Netflix rubbing one out to Blanche from The Golden Girls.


You forgot what CPU and Capacitor power it would have.

Doesn’t matter. They would nerf it 15 minutes after release…


Combat mining barge?

Isn’t that the Procurer and Skiff, which of the barges and exhumers are special not because of their yield or cargo space but because of their combat bonuses?


That’s not what he wants. I don’t feel like digging through the archives to find it, but this isn’t the first time Dryson has suggested something along this line. IIRC, he wanted a ship that could out mine everything but the Hulk, while being as combat capable as a battleship, and probably still can’t understand why that’s dumb. Feel free to dig though and find the actual post.

He also doesn’t understand that no one needs a combat mining barge, they just need to fly like they’ve got a brain in their head instead of oatmeal. In almost 20 years of EvE, I never lost a mining barge to another player after I learned ganking was a thing. :rofl:


Say bye.

Come up with your own storyline as to why the Jove never put the Miner/Hauler into production. Could be an exciting new hobby.

The current mining barges really don’t have very good defensive capabilities, but that’s why you fleet, have escorts, cross-eyed tongue out :v:, blah, blah, what a drag on the conversation typical reply.

The current mining barges are for a better term, outdated and absolute. The current mining barges were needed to replace combat ships for patrol and encounter duty that had been used as mining ships. The current mining barges were built during a time when more resources were out into combat and encounter and patrol ships. As the Null empires converted from a building and mining phase into full combat phase, the barges of High Sec were left completely unsecured with very little protection as High Sec alliances moved into Null to challenge the notorious nature that started to spileth over from the cup.

Noticing that the belts were being frequented by unprotected mining barges, fleets and solo barges started to become targets of opportunity for pirates. Along with being targets of opportunity for pirates, Null empires at war who either hired out High Sec miners to mine their resources to fund their war efforts would also pirate High Sec miners they came across to further their war efforts. Needless to say, being a miner is a sh*thole of job with everyone trying to crack your ship into a million pieces all of the time.

That’s the reason why asteroid miners need a combat barge built on the hull of Squall. To create a new dynamic for pirates and Null empires to overcome, risk versus reward. To create more interesting game-play and to cement the new regime rising in High Sec, called The Union of Miners. TUMs would bring every High Sec mining corporation or solo miner into one Alliance. TUMs would have safety in numbers, a network that covers all of High Sec to monitor all traffic into and out Low Sec or adjoining Null Sec systems as well.

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Right, because they’re MINING barges.

If you find yourself in combat in a mining barge, you f*cked up big time. Why do you not understand this after so many years having it explained to you?


Thanks, Dryson, I don’t need a new hobby. I was just wondering what you thought about it. Whether you had some idea about the reluctance of the Jove to continue with the project - and in which you had spotted an opportunity for success which they had overlooked.

If you had, indeed, spotted such an opportunity, it would put you in something of a superior position regarding this mysterious lot. I’m definitely going to follow this thread if it has been created by someone whose understanding and application of Jovian technology exceeds their own.

Scribble on, Dryson!

Surely not ‘everyone’ and ‘all of the time’, Dryson.

Even if affiliation to such an organisation were voluntary, Dryson, know that there are folks who recoil from such totalitarian enterprises. I know, for I am one of them.

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Barges outdated?

What do people mine in nowadays instead? Ventures? Orcas?

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This is the story of the sad mining barge who always wanted to be a mighty battleship.
Once upon a time, in galaxy far far away…


Just like old cars and trucks that go through design changes to increase performance as well as asthetic appeal, mining barges are not an exception.

You mistake a game for life.

How often did the Knight in Chess receive a design change to ‘increase performance’?

This is a game and changes here have to take into account game balance, not whether or not the stats can be improved. The latter leads to power creep, not to a better game.

Comparing the pieces to a car or models in a video game have no relevance at all because a chess piece does not have any moving parts nor does a chess piece require fuel. You’re simply trying to arrange your words based on a thematic diagram of a circuit board.

I have seen numerous chess pieces made in all types of shapes from insects to cars to space ships, presidents and even tree types.

You’re talking about asthetics of chess, which Im certain if chess pieces had little people inside, they would want an overhaul.

But because Eve online is q 3D chess game with more variables than a rook moving left or right and up or down, then once again the comparission is irrelevant.