Want to know how to hook players to EVE?

Theres a lot of discussion about this, but here is the issue.

New players are overwhelmed by interface, underwhelmed by NPCs.

The great fun of EvE is PVP. Even if you’re a miner or pve-ratter your life is SPENT avoiding PVP and ganks.

The problem for new players is they never get to experience this thrill.

They start in High Sec. No ganker is going to waste time on them.

They are bored out of their minds doing missions that earn you nothing.

You can make 100x as much isk doing Project discovery than you can doing Lvl1 missions.


Make a special security space that let’s people treat new players with more threat.

Dont give them an LS experience.

Just give them the fear of LS.

Maybe a slower Concord response in some beginner systems that only allow smaller T1 and lower metas to jump in.

A kind of Factional warfare for noobs to play around in but have a fighting chance too and to dodge PvP as well.

Starting in HS feels like a million miles away.

And theres no real way from HS to any other space without being intensely interested enough to figure out the game.

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This is PvP.

Out thinking, outwitting and outplaying the people that would like to prey on you is PvP; whining on the forums about a game, that is described by the developers as having PvP as a core part of the game, is not.


Yes. The problem for new players is they dont get the pvp game. They are invisible for the most partt.

As a new player i think this would be really beneficial to teaching me the ropes of pvp interactions in game.

See they have faction warfare. But faction warfare as I understand it…is still exposed to great pvpers.

Entry level players need a whole different system than highsec vs lowsec.

The original concept was lowsec was next step.

But now Lowsec is now the most competitive endgame pvp area. And seems to always have been.

Null is just laughable.

And wormholes are their own challeges.

No where for noobs

Nope, for the most part their problems begin with holdovers from other games.

Eve is well known for what it is, it’s basically the 30 years war, almost completely lawless and everybody has nukes.

if somebody blunders into it blind that’s on them; there’s no shortage of stuff about what happens in Eve that some see as negatives.

I think you’re missing the point.

NEW players don’t get that.

HS Gankers wont lose their ships to pod a 100k isk noob-boat.

New players get this disgusting boringass NPC mission game

Ah, totally misread you there; my bad.

You’re right they won’t, what they will do is teach a newbie how to gank successfully, thus giving them the knowledge they need in order to A: Team up with others and prey on more experienced players, and/or B: Use that knowledge to avoid the attentions of those that do prey on others, without restricting anything except being AFK, to make sure that it doesn’t happen to them; and if it does, learn from it.

New players get this disgusting boringass NPC mission game.

I would encourage any newbie to chat with people that shoot at them, some are arseholes but many are more than willing to share their knowledge. I would also give them the same advice older, more, experienced players have been giving them forever; join one of the corps/groups well known for newbie retention.

At least one of the newbie corps people land in run special interest groups that newbies are welcome to join; Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) is the one best known for it but sadly not enough find it.

I think the most engaging way is to force the pvp into the noob corner. But the noob corner needs some restrictions removed for that to happen.

OR just have NPCs talk about the dangers of actual Low sec and places…make a slightly better story

It has, and always will be an option; but inline with the nature of Eve it’s primarily been left to the players to provide that opportunity.

Short of the NPE pointing newbies straight at one or more of the better known and respected player run initiatives, which CCP can’t do because perceived politics and favouritism, there’s not much they can do.

Malcanis (changed a few words, because…):

You, the new player, are an adorable golden haired child. You are released, alone and with a bad map, into a large wilderness park teeming with tens of thousands of rapacious predators. If you are cunning, tenacious and lucky, you can eventually become one of the predators.

New Eden


I started playing a few weeks ago, began as a miner and joined one of those big corps that spam invite mails as I didn’t really know what I was doing or getting in to.

Both the mining as that corp almost made me quit the game, after some back and forth in the rookie help channel I had a chat with someone who told me that I’d best make a few accounts, create a character on each of them with a different play style or faction or whatever I could think of and just try it all to then, after a while, pick the one I liked the most.

I’ve done the career tutorials, I’ve done the Sister of EVE Arc and I have done a few missions but none of those really made the game stick for me. They’re mostly uneventful, tedious and not enticing at all.

After another chat with the same person, considering the options, I tried low security space to kill npc in belts. He gave me a fit for it, gave me a few target systems to choose from and go for, explained some stuff and told me to go and do it.

So I did, I made it there which I was really proud of because there WERE people in local and went to kill NPC. After a while I found a very big one with over 1 mil bounty that dropped some 2.5 mil worth item, a few belts later some triglavians showed up and blasted me in seconds before I even realized it. I dock up in my pod, grabbed a corvette and made it back to high security space, got a new ship went out again and this time I got blasted by some players. So I lost 2 ships today.

However, the thrill and threat combined with me achieving at least part of the goals made it SO much worth it. Instead of being bored and thinking of quitting I’m now interested in learning and doing MORE.


Join the darkside :pirate_flag:, they have cookies.

However, the thrill and threat combined with me achieving at least part of the goals made it SO much worth it

Doing something despite others trying to stop you is Eve, that’s where the value comes from, especially when you have fun doing it.

Welcome aboard, you are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

The single most effective way of getting people hooked to EVE is adrenaline.
It’s the one way of getting people addicted to the game that always worked
and didn’t need CCP’s psychological abuse in form of daily SP, Achievements or HyperNet.

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Yeah, fire the current Development Team and hire some quality people who know what they’re doing.

Once that’s done, then players will come.

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Want to know how to hook players to EVE?

Multiple Guess:
A) Listen to the players who think EVE sucks and quit.
B) Listen to the players who join for 6 months and want to change EVE into something it is not; then when they don’t get their wish, quit.
C) Listen to the players who paid your salary for the last 15+ years.


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