On the topic of discussion/ politeness and understanding



Very well said and 100% correct.

The forums are used buy real money transfer characters.
To manipulate CCP.
And suppress the EVE community.

Only the emotionally weak are suppressed.


You got some proof on that?

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You know you’re doing it right when someone gets called a sociopath.


Bad joke time.

A strip of tarmac goes into the pub and orders a pint. After serving him, the barman asks if he wants to join his mate in the corner. Sitting in the corner is a strip of red tarmac. The strip of tarmac shakes his head violently: “I’m not going near him” he says, “he’s a bloody cyclepath!”


You figured it out. We are doomed.


The bear is later sold as a rug because it was interfering with the salmon industry.

–Gadget might have lost sight of the original metaphor…


That must be where the story ends because that NEVER happened with EVE :wink:

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Never could enjoy bear. Love me some elk though. Mm.

This is basically exactly it. The community has a tone, a standard. Within the forum, we generally project the same atmosphere that the game creates.

An unforgiving place where mistakes are punished. If you come to these forums and REEE like a little baby over something that was intended to happen (you lost your ship because reasons, for example), we’ll call you on that. This is not the place for hand holding.

If you come here and ask for something that will make Eve safer, you will generally not be well received. Eve was not, by the developer’s own standard, intended to be safe. It was intended to be cold and harsh, where you WILL get ■■■■■■ over.

OTOH, if you come here and ask for something that will make Eve more competitive, or something that will result in more player engagement, more fun, more time undocked, and it’s not going to unbalance existing gameplay, the idea will definitely be positively received by those who like it, and respectfully declined by the people who don’t.


I’ve not tried bear myself.

Kangaroo and ostrich are pretty good, and just to annoy my fellow Britons who may be squeamish, so is horse.


I’ve never shot one, had a friend of a friend drop a few bear steaks off. That dude will hunt and eat anything. Goat, bear, cougar, you name it. I reserve my pewpew for tastier stuff like elk, deer, and moose.

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Goat curry is where it’s at, especially if it’s a Nepali cook on the case.

Somehow they can turn the oldest stringiest goat in the world into a veritable delight for the taste buds.


Hard pass on the curry lol, curry makes my stomach turn. It’s the cumin mostly, but turmeric isn’t very high on my list of likes either.

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Had an entire roast goat in north India.
Freaked out some of the students I was travelling with, but it was scrumptious!



Had my first at a regimental dinner we attended with my father.

He was temporarily attached to one of the Gurkha units training up a couple of guys.

Lovely chaps, polite, jokers, plenty of time for kids and very smiley, you just don’t want to see their other smile, if it’s aimed at you it’s the last thing you’ll see.


Are you sure Eve Online is the game for you?

I remember when players understood that Eve is a COLD, DARK PLACE.

Betas trying to make Pokemon or Minecraft look like the harsher world.


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I ate horse once to upset my sister. We didn’t speak for three years.

Best €10 I ever spent.