On the topic of discussion/ politeness and understanding

Constructive Criticism should always be welcomed but many people haven’t worked out the constructive part of the argument and end up getting to emotional. On the other hand, some people get offended by Constructive Criticism and see it as an attack when the comment was actually intended to spark conversation, ideas and outcome.

The REAL problem is we lack body language in a digital world. Personality varies so significantly and body language plays a massive part in your intentions. In Australia we have a saying " taking the pi55". It means your joking around with Banter, you are basically saying something that is hurtful with a smile… without body language or a smile and wink, you could take offence to the comment. These forums are filled with banter but if you see it from another perspective you see it as negative. Just my perspective anyway. :slight_smile:


There are plenty of nice people in Eve Online, just not in the forums.


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Alpha flexing in a spaceship game.



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I would have used the other guy but buffoons are meant to be funny…

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There is no smack talk in Amarr anymore, so we come here.

I started to read the forums looking for a reason to stay subbed after 11 years now. Bad Idea, lol…

But after I got over the rudeness, hyperbole, ego’s, insults, and frankly, just turning oxygen into greenhouse gasses of some of the people that post, I still found no reason to stay. (and no “you cant have my stuff” because as someone else posted, none of us quit EVE, we just take breaks/alpha now)

But that’s not because of the forums. I learned a lot from my reading here. Whether its a good idea or bad, everyone should post their idea. Not demand it be done, but ask if its feasible. Have big shoulders and take the flame that come from pouring gasoline on yourself!

SO many good ideas have been posted as how to improve the game from some of the worst abusers that I still cannot believe CCP have not used any/many? Correct me if I’m wrong please?

Edit; I must admit, this is a civil thread for it’s content matter.


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I suggest being good people instead of being polite.


Good people also keep a game and reality separated and are good sports if they lose.


You could say “good people” has different definitions to different people.

Say you are on the beach. A couple of kids are building a sand castle. You kick their castle with your foot because you believe it is a PvP beach. Do you expect them to be good sports?

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If at the entrance of the beach there is a huge sign placed by the beach owners saying “PvP beach, HTFU rules apply” then yes. :wink:


I’m on board with this analogy. I’d go a bit further though. Yes, absolutely those kids are on notice that someone COULD kick their castle, and should take it in stride if someone does in fact kick their castle.

However, if that someone has a much bigger castle, loads of extra sand and experience building, and plenty of other, more difficult to knock over castles around, but instead CHOOSES to knock over the kids’ castle, I submit that that person is an asshole.

Just because EvE lets you do something doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole for doing it. Which is fine, so long as you’re not then offended when someone calls you an asshole.


Don’t think any PvP-er is offended though I don’t read every post in the thread on the other hand those who don’t want to PvP in EVE shouldn’t be either. As far as I can tell that is what this discussion is about and how valid the claim by non-PvP-ers is that they feel “violated” when they are brought into the action without their consent. Though as I wrote I don’t 100% follow the thread so correct me if am wrong.

In case of the beach in the analogy the goal is not to build and let build, instead it is to build and destroy their dreams, literally that is how citadels were introduced:

So kicking down their sand castles no matter how superior in strength and whatnot the people are is the intended goal of the beach. Thus being offended when it happens no matter how overwhelming the enemy force is disattached from reality and being poor sports to say it as mild as possible.

The very fact you feel the need to call people names and assign labels on them shows antisocial behaviour on your part and that you can not differentiate reality from a game. It is a game because different rules apply and what might be unacceptable IRL can be completely acceptable in-game.

Will you call your opponent names after he defeats you in chess or soccer or whatever? If yes then you have no credibility in the matter. If no then you see why the same should apply to EVE. Just like even if you play against a professional chess player or sports team as an amateur you have no valid point being a bad sport and even worse being offended and calling them names in response when they defeat you in a game. Same goes for EVE Online.


Games have rules and as players we agree to those rules before we enter the game. In the case of EVE this means that you can be attacked by anyone anywhere for whatever reason and many more things.

In your example, the person destroying the castle is not part of the game. It is a person coming from the outside who disregards the rules and demolishes the game. A bit like people who come to the EVE forums trying to change the game itself because they disregard the rules of the game or don’t want to accept them.

People like you are the ones trying to destroy the sandcastle.

*respect may include traces of nuts ,gluten , fish oil , lead , human faeces , antimatter.


I think you make some valid points, but one thing that keeps popping up on these forums is the notion that somehow the way you act in a social game is completely divorced from “reality.” I mean, it’s still you, as a real person, who makes decisions that are “real,” and have an effect in reality, even if that effect is delivered through a game.

I also think the notion that how you act in game has NOTHING to do with how you act IRL is incorrect. If your favorite thing to do in Grand Theft Auto is to go around beating women, do I think that necessarily means you beat women in real life? No, but I think it says something about your personality just the same.

Regarding EvE, I think I should have defined how narrow a circumstance I’m imagining when I’m “calling people names.” If you’re new to EvE, and join a corp, and your corp goes to war, and someone kills you, tough. If you decide to spend every ISK you made the first month of playing on a super expensive, unnecessary ship, and decide to go flying through low/null sec space without having considered the ramifications of doing so, tough.

If you’re flying through hi sec with your mis-fit Ibis and wander into a .4 system, do I think more experienced players should exercise some compassion and not kill you for just the jollies? Yeah, I kinda do.

Because PvP is “allowed” anywhere, it’s difficult to make a distinction between “amateur” and “professional” in the strictest sense. If you decide to join a null sec alliance and go flying around, I think there should certainly be some consequences to that. To use your example, if you’re an amateur and decide to go to a high level competitive chess tournament, and then complain when you get smashed, that’s on you. Conversely, if you’re a professional and decide to show up on amateur night just so you can crush noobs, yes, I think that makes you a not-nice person (oftentimes colloquially referred to as “asshole”).

If the attitude is that, well, then they just shouldn’t play EvE, then that speaks to new player retention issues, doesn’t it?

BTW, I’m with you man, I’ve had some issues following this thread, but based on the title, I THINK this conversation is on-topic, lol.


Funny, this is the exact argument that people use to say that violent video games make people violent.

When you play GTAV do you abide by all traffic laws and never harm any of the NPCs? Where did you get your degree in Armchair psychology from?