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Where do rigs come from, that is, are there blue prints ? Am I better off buying or keeping all the broken stuff i salvage to make one (once you tell me how that’s done)?

Are drones worth using to protect when mining or exploring? Assuming the venture or exploring frigate are otherwise unarmed or lightly armed would I just be wasting drones if i had them deployed while mining in low sec?

What are the different colors on the display? red = NPCs or very bad people. white are just other players that arnt criminals at the time, but what is blue (nice NPCs?) and yellow?

If i see someone with the yellow skull means they are suspects and I can attach them in any space without CONCORD killing me. right? and only the guy i’m attacking can shoot at me?

Is it the same for red?

I had the ability to activate a kill order on someone (didnt know how and wasnt interested at the time) but if i attack without the activation im in trouble?


Tech 1 rigs come from BPOs, which are they copied and invented to create tech 2 BPCs. If you intend on making stuff yourself, I would keep the salvage.

Drones are always useful to have.

Red are npcs, and white are player ships. The backgrounds vary depending on many factors. I’d recommend playing with your UI settings to see what goes where. If they’re flashing yellow, they should be a suspect. Just remember that they can shoot you back! Same goes for red.

If you attack someone with a killright without activating the killright, Concord will probably shoot you.


Probably the only drones worth having when exploring in a T1 frigate (Imicus etc) are EC-300 ECM drones, which might just give you a slightly better chance of escaping if someone catches you on a gate or at a site.

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So basically you’d be sacrificing the drones to get away, they wont be able to help win a battle like that. And if the attacker is preventing warp, he’d be able to kill the drones and my ship anyway. I have a couple hobgoblins but don’t want to just waste them.

If I’m using drones offensively in a fight, are they able to keep up if my ship is fast (not warp)? Are they helpful?

Yes, the EC-300’s are your ‘get out of jail’ card. It’s some time since I used one, but amongst other things the EC-300’s would break the lock and therefore the scram as well. Drones like that should be regarded as a form of ammunition, to be discarded if necessary. Your couple of hobgoblins aren’t going to be any use against the vast majority of assailants you might encounter when exploring.


Just quickly dropping in before bed to already say this:

Winter, keep going as you do. I see a great EVE capsuleer in the making. You want to learn, ask good questions and are willing to learn.

After a much needed rest will revisit to answer some stuff


Rigs are produced by other players and put on the market. There are blueprints for them.

As for the materials to build the rigs;

Sell them:

If you don’t want to produce rigs yourself
If you can not produce the rigs for a cheaper price then it would to sell the items and buy the rigs

2 sided coin answer:

It depends on protecting against what. If you mean the NPC rats, yes they are definately worth it.
Against players, sorry but you are then dealing with a brain instead of A.I. and it will just pick your ship first and likely laugh at the tickles of the drones

Quite a hard question as the overview has 1001 different settings and is fully customizable.

You can customize entirely what is shown, what “states” for players is shown first (say I want it to show purple for in fleet before a criminal tag so that my fleet member is not flashy red to me), etc.

Correct, though ALWAYS keep in mind, if you shoot anything, it can also shoot back.

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Thanks for the reply. Funny we saw each other in-game.

Are rigs worth it compared to the downsides? For instance, if i add Core Defense Field Extender for an Increase in shield capacity, is it worth the addition to my signature radius which means I’ll get hit more?

With any module that you fit to a ship, it really depends on the ship itself, your playstyle and the situation.

Let’s say:

You are jumping into low-sec and encounter a gate camp by 2 or 3 people and you burn back to the gate to jump to safety. The extra shield HP could make you last just long enough to get back to the gate, yeah you might endure a bit more of a harder pounding but as long as the extra damage inflicted is smaller then the extra HP you get, it was worth it.

Now if that camp was 50 odd frigates, that would kill you anyway before you can get back to the gate. Then then no, but then again, nothing would have helped :wink:


Your choice: Because of the increased sig radius your ship gets locked quicker, and most probably pointed. But you have stronger shield ehp, so it might be the bit you need if you are prepared to defend or hope for CONCORD to help. But if you speed tank, this little difference in sig radius can save your ship, but also makes you more vulnerable to smartbombs.
Generally the shield extender Rig is very popular; if you shield fit, it’s scarcely a mistake to fit one.

“it depends”

but honestly, don’t you think that, if rigs weren’t worth it, people would not use them?
just check any fit on zkillboard or eve-wiki, and you will see that ships have rigs. So… they are probably worth it, no?
i strongly suggest you to join a newbie friendly corp, like eve-uni, where you will get advices, fits, answers etc

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Rig are created through manufacturing.
You can pick up the blueprints from some NPC stations in High-sec space.
However, those blueprints need to be “researched” in order to be “efficient” in both how long they take to produce a product and how many materials they take to generate said product. And this takes time. A lot of time.
Better to simply buy rigs off the market.

Regarding Salvaging:
Train up the skill “Salvaging” and equip a Salvager to your ship. Then find a wreck, get within range, target it, and salvage away.
As easy as that.

Beginner salvagers equip ships like Destroyers with 4x salvagers and 4x tractor beams.
More professional outfits use a Noctis for max efficiency.
And more daring salvagers will go out into low-sec in ships like Ventures to find player ships (which often yield more and better salvage that any NPC.

The materials can be sold on the market and some materials are worth more than others (-cough-armorplates-cough-).

Do note that you can salvage ANY wreck made by anyone. You will NOT incur any standings penalty or hostility timer in any way simply by salvaging.
HOWEVER… looting a wreck (see: taking stuff inside the wreck) is a different story and does carry a hostility timer.

Many players confuse the two and you will find that the mere act of salvaging someone else’s wreck will make them MAD. But as long as you do not loot any item from a wreck they realistically can’t do anything (not without putting their own ship at risk). :wink:

“It depends.”

If you are looking to swat away some small hostile NPCs then Hobgoblins would be ideal. Against more powerful NPCs or players they won’t do much besides be tickled.

If you are looking to escape players then I would echo those above and recommend the EC-300 drones.
ECM drones have a chance (not a guarantee) of breaking the hostile ship’s lock… allowing you to escape.

Yes, they would be left behind in such a scenario. But think of it this way; lose a hundred thousand ISK in drones to save a couple million in ship, modules, and cargo.
I think that is a pretty good tradeoff. :slight_smile:

As someone above said: Look at drones as “ammunition” rather than something that must be preserved at all costs.
And as a massive drone enthusiast I agree.
I often flew droneboats into combat and there were times where I would be forced to choose between staying a bit longer to grab my drones and risk annihilation… or warping off to safety and accepting that my combat ability would be gimped until I got back to base.

It has been awhile since I have dug into the overview settings so I can’t answer the colors thing (especially since they may be a bit different from mine).

But I can answer the mechanics aspect of your question! :smiley:

Suspect: Means the player did something sneaky-bad and can be shot at by any player without CONCORD intervention. Be aware that as soon as you shoot the suspect player they can shoot you back!

Criminal: Means the player did something explody-bad. Just like the previous category, this person can be shot at by any other player without CONCORD intervention and they can respond in kind.
Though… Criminal Status in high-sec often means CONCORD are well on their way… so they won’t be shooting back for long. :wink:

Outlaw: Means the player’s security status is below -5.0… making said player permanently “Suspect” until they can repair their security rating (this takes time or lots of money).
Suspect mechanics apply.
Outlaws also attract the local Faction Police and will be shot at by them… but Faction Police can be tanked (unlike CONCORD).

War Target: Open fire or run.
A player that is a War Target is free to fire on you and you are free to fire on them. CONCORD and the local faction forces will only watch and laugh.
If you encounter a War Target and didn’t know you were at war then either you or your leadership have made terrible errors in judgement or lapsed in awareness.

Now… I should note that the above distinctions mostly apply in high-sec (1.0 to 0.5 systems).
Once you venture into low-sec (0.4 to 0.1 systems) these categories all blur together as people tend to shoot each other in this area of space anyways and there is little to no NPC response.
So the different categories don’t have much meaning besides “hurr hurr, me dangerous!”

In low-sec, the only category/timer of any consequence is the Criminal Timer and only when the player tries to enter high-sec with one.
Instant CONCORD response. Instant humiliation for the person in question. They will never live it down with their friends.

As for Null-sec and Wormhole space (0.0 to -1.0 systems)… none of these categories have any meaning. Anyone can shoot anyone with impunity.

If I recall correctly… activating a kill order will make the target in question “Suspect” and you will be allowed to shoot them.
They will not be able to shoot until you shoot first.

As for how much trouble you will be in… I only have two questions:

  • How confident are you in your ship’s combat abilities?
  • How bloodthirsty are you? :clown_face:

Edit: Sorry… I read that wrong.

If you attack someone without first activating the Kill Right then you will go Criminal Status and CONCORD will be with you shortly. :upside_down_face:

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