Input needed

it was my input, you made my night a little sadder :frowning: , i hope you are happy about it …
you monster

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I thought you were RPing
I… Brutor… look at me… I’m the one you’re crusading lol

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ohhhh i see
no hard feelings

One can argue that any PvP with “SRP” involved isn’t really true PvP at all. Being part of a large group, mindlessly throwing F1 at called targets, doesn’t lead to enlightenment. There are no fears to overcome, and no inner demons to face, as you’re not really putting anything on the line. I’m much more impressed when someone shows me 3 wormhole or low-sec solo kills with a story behind each one than someone who shows me 200 kill mails with triple-digit involved parties from fleet ops every weekend. Recommending this style of PvP is hardly more beneficial than not bringing up PvP at all.

Just my opinion, of course.

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Buy PLEX. This silly argument is as old as the game. You do not have to mine or rat if you don’t want to. It is a choice!

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@Destiny_Corrupted is correct :clap: :+1:

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preach :pray:

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As someone who prides himself on being a real pirate I can agree whole heartedly. Tha VAST majority of PvPers fund their PvP with some form of grinding elsewhere rather than from the direct profits of their PvP. With that said there are a variety of ways to turn PvP into an ISK making activity if you’re willing to put the work in.

Still more PvP and fun than mining

Yeah I don’t think you can get there by reading the wiki while mining. You have a better chance when you actually go out there and learn what really works, you have to start somewhere.

I do solo PvP and can live from it. I didn’t get there by grinding ISK.

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