Removal of Spod and Veldspar

Good day
Tritanium is used in almost everything one makes.
Yet, someone has decided that people in zero-zero space may not mine it there anymore!
I am so upset that words fail me. Shipping it in from high-sec is not an option.
CCP has always found miners to be a nuisance and are now hell-bent on getting rid of them.
Such vindictiveness is so stupid and childish. Well, say goodbye to 20 miners from my family and on our way out we will want refunds for all our credit card deductions to CCP!

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If only that was the case.


said no miner , ever … :smiley:

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Yea good luck on that. Ccp owes you no refunds

I don’t mind where it comes from or what’s it called as long as I can still get the


Why not? Compressed ore that gives Trit is very easy to move in large volumes.

This change happened three years ago.


Collect loot.


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If only you didn’t get into krabception so deep that you would realize that veldspar is still in NS, but not in belts.

Also, if this game has to have anything resembling an economy, you need to have any incentive to go sell some of our stuff in HS and give them minerals to trade for trit.

What is everyone else doing to get it? Can’t you just do whatever they are doing?

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Why not?

Mine a different ore, compress it, transport it and sell it in high sec, use the ISK to buy the (compressed) high sec ore you need and import that. Why isn’t that an option?

Sure, it means you and other players need to be selling and buying ores and that people, you or others, need to pilot ships to haul those ores from A to B, but encouraging trade and hauling was the entire purpose of this change. CCP intended for players to trade between regions and not do everything solo in one solar system without connection to the rest of the universe.

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You could find a HS mining corp and work out an equitable trade relationship and arrange to meet at a mutually agreeable location to swap. HS needs null sec moon ores and morphite; you need tritanium and probably some HS moon ores. The corp I used to belong to did this on a regular basis.


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