Great wildlands ore?

as ive found nothing of value anywhere ive looked sadly, where on gods green earth do you find veldspar/spod/any other tritanium yielding ore in the great wildlands? ive looked in just about every system before and after down time. and i just dont see ANY ores other than ark or bistot. which apparently. DONT GIVE TRIT anymore?

any help/advice is much appreciated. not sure if this even belongs here, but again. ive searched and googled and nothing. not a thing to help with this question i have.

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That is why you don’t find Veldspare in GW anymore.


oh. well crap. i was hoping there was SOME way to find tritanium or such in GW ill have to read into that and figure something out. thats REALLY frustrating. i just put up a structure and everything XD so trying to build and float costs.

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Reprocessing rat loot is the only way to get it locally.

Join the multiboxing gang. Have several highsec miners, a few null miners and a couple lowsec miners.
It’s about the only way to produce and keep isk costs down.