Equinox No Love for Hight Sec

CSM is pretty much null groups with agendas.

Highsec will never be a priority until CCP puts hard rules on CSM membership that prohibit the same players and groups from running.

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Then these groups will just create Alt-Corps and Alt-Groups in HighSec that do literally nothing but magically receive lots of votes from the Nullblocks whenever an election is going on. The same groups and the same people behind them would still hold most influential power.

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CSM members are voted in by the players, if there are a lot of HS players, they should vote for HS candidates. There is no need for “hard rules”. If CCP is focusing on an area, they already can pick 2 members to fill any holes. Ultimately CCP are the ones making the decisions, CSM doesn’t control what CCP works on, they only have feedback on what is worked on.

If you were right that CSM controls what gets worked on, then Trig invasions, all the FW expansions, etc would have taken place in null.

The season - whatever you call it here - isn’t even released and you are upset, giving it bad reviews, like those people who watch movie trailers and second guess the movie.

I do realize you fear the future. It isn’t like they are going to pull back on changes. Innovations they decided was in their best interests to make profit and not your desires to forge the game in your own image. I guess if I was deep into moon drilling null security systems, I might be like, “Hey! My stuff!” but that is not me. Nor would I complain much, I simply find a way to enjoy what I can, until the fun police remove it.

Have fun!

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First eloquent answer in this post. Exactly my point

which begs the question if no one cares about it why does it even exist ? I mean if no one cared about it for 20 years why was it even added and or why have CCP no removed it?

I mean if you add a feature no one cares or uses it becomes redundant and just takes up time and resources to maintain so would be better to turn all of high in to low/null sec system.

Yet they have not done so. SO please mister self proclaimed expert why have they not done so if no one cares about ?

Or maybe your just a dumb knob that speaks allot of ■■■■ ?

Well the reason is because this expansion is a focus to unfrack what they did to null and make null fun again. Maybe another expansion will focus on high or even low or even WH.

I think CCP focus on what´s most popular which is null. Which I think is good maybe it´s worth being in null this time around because dang null has been rather crap for few years now.

Do you really think that any development team can deliver multiple complete overhauls of different parts of a system at the same time? And even if they can, do you think that’s a smart and risk free decision?

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Well seems there are new HF sites coming, so High sec is getting more content than previously thought.

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What, exactly, does high sec need that it doesn’t already have?


Gankers after turning criminal will now have 1 hour criminal timer!


Decentralization first comes to my mind. Take a look at official Monthly Economic Reports and/or spend some time in different regions of different empires. Try simple things… like buying and fitting a ship, or doing some manufacturing, or trading. And do that anywhere except Jita and maybe Amarr (as a system). You’ll quickly see what’s missing.


Players made it that way over time. Jita wasn’t always the main trade hub. It used to be Yulai. Players are going to manufacture, sell, and congregate where the most players are. Nothing CCP can do about that.

Completely invalid argument.

How many times, over the years, did CCP completely rehaul nullsec to incentivize decentralization… to make all regions of space, or even individual systems interesting to be in? Equinox does exactly that, for example.

Now see if you can find expansions which are doing that for highsec - making all empires interesting to be in. The last significant effort I can remember were Epic Arcs (a feature available once every 3 months) and COSMOS… which was introduced when… in Red Moon Rising or something (can’t exactly remember stuff which was more than 10 or 15 years ago).


Content is everywhere in high sec. Players are the ones who decided to concentrate at Jita. It doesn’t offer anything special over other places. Unless of course you mean that High sec should be less safe and act more like low sec…then people will spread out.


Again, players are going to do whatever they want to do, no matter what CCP does. CCP added Trig invaded systems to cut off the direct route from Jita to Amarr. Did that deter players from still mainly using Jita and Amarr as trade hubs? Nope.

No, I meant that different regions of space should be more of that - different. It not being anything special compared to other places is exactly the problem. I wasn’t thinking about safety, I was thinking about actual content. Offer different content in different empires (like the old COSMOS, for example) and at least hint to the players to move a bit out of The Forge. Currently, that does not exist, so people are naturally flocking to Jita.

One relatively recent effort was to spread out the minerals and make some ores available only in specific empires. That backfired. Combined with the fact that some of the materials for building ships coming from only WH and null, and overly complicated manufacturing process where you can’t, as a player, produce a simple tech 1 battleship with materials that you’ve gathered yourself - and you’ve got yourself a centralized highsec where most of the materials are coming only and exclusively to Jita. That’s not just a random decision made by players - it’s a consequence of a change introduced by CCP.

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The good thing about most players in high sec being in The Forge or Lonetrek is that you can go to Amarr, Minmatar, and Khanid space and pretty much have all of the combat, data, and relic sites to yourself, because there’s no one there.

… which just shows how many players find that interesting or appealing enough to move out :slight_smile:

Dodixie is being able to match many prices similar to Jita

The trade hub is becoming my favourite.