Equinox No Love for Hight Sec

Why do people concentrate around Jita?

Simple, it is where the main market is, and because moving to Jita from outside Caldari space is a right royal pain in the butt.

I of course don’t use Jita much, only sell the odd thing I pick up. I have an alt in Jita and I check Jita prices before I buy from the local market near my hisec base, so if that price is stupid I won’t buy and find an alternative source close by.

Very much this, I liked it previously when I could just make something by my own efforts without having to jump through so many hoops. I did ilke making capitals as a long term objective., but have not done so since the indy changes, I can’t make them nor T1 BS from my own efforts, which pains me. I can acept that with carriers, but t1 BS, no. If CCP can remove the moon goo from T1 BS I would be very happy!


Laughs in Lowsec


Cries in Lowsec

The one thing I’ve always liked about EVE is how complex the manufacturing process is, and how groups of players manage to overcome it. CCP really tried to approximate real life manufacturing processes, and players have responded with many of the supply chain optimisations you see in industry.

Just imagine trying, in real life as a single person, to mine your own ore, smelt it, forge nails, chop wood, cut it, and build a… rowboat… I challenge you to do it!

Then imagine how many people are needed to build a current (or historical) battleship.


Not really. The spawn rate of anoms and signatures in other region is much lower than in caldari space.

Sure, there will be other players possibly trying to compete with you i caldari space, but it is better than jumping 15 minutes around Hek and not finding anything.

Maybe it depends on the amount of players in the region? I was hunting one guy in Everyshore system, I searched all the highsec systems in there in order to find him. Close to zero players everywhere, maybe 5 anoms total excluding homefront. Followed to Genesis the 0.5 island and it was the same, but even less players. Meanwhile in caldari space the anomalies are spawning in your system all the time and there is at least one almost in every system.

I think that Serpentis and Sansha’s refuge escalating into DED 4 instead of 3 would be first step to make other regions more interesting. The only thing else I can think of is to close direct highsec-to-highsec routes between the empires. And that is too drastical.

That would make it more difficult for newbies, 4/10 can be a real pain to someone relatively new. Also the amount of sigs in amarr and gallente space is just fine, anoms might be less but (combat) sigs is not an issue.

This is a GAME meant for leisure time enjoyment at the end of the day, not a second job or a RL industry simulator. People should be able to manufacture basic T1 ships and modules without the overly complex (and costly) processes CCP introduced. More complexity for complexity’s sake and more grinding does not equal more fun, sorry.

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Why is it not an issue in caldari then? And btw, serpentis are easiest and gurista hardest. Also Angel refuge escalates into DED 5, what newbie can do that? Why is it not an issue?

Also, did you know that the escalations usually lead to lowsec? That is not for newbies is it?

I was specifically focusing on anomalies so maybe I am mistaken with signatures. Anomalies are definitely more scarce in other empires. For example last year I tried to farm some Dens to get DED5 escalation in amarr space, regions Kador and Domain, in about 2 hours of flying around in a Gnosis I managed to complete 4 in highsec. Of which 2 were in same system and I found them in the last 10 minutes of this run. I made about 30 jumps in highsec and 4 in lowsec where I did two Dens as well. And that was the last time I tried to do anything elsewhere than in caldari…

High-Sec is best Sec. Your wars are not my wars. o7

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I think one possibility is other pilots not completing them and having them be respawned for others in the same areas and regions and constellations. This increased turnover would make it seem that there are more in that space and not all congregated in just some dead end places. When fewer people are running as well theres 1) less competition, but also 2) less turnover with the spawn algorithm CCP uses.

I would assume that Caldari has more anoms because it has more people doing anoms and CCP adjusted for it, although that’s just a hunch at best. Most combat explorers in caldari space hunt anoms, they don’t actually probe scan so much.

Personally I don’t focus on anomalies enough (at least not across the 4 empires) to have definitive “facts” on that but the differences between factions when it comes to escalations is just another CCP moment where logic and consistency are replaced with CCP bistromath. Personally I’d much rather see Hideaways always being 3/10, Refuge always been 4/10 and Dens always being 5/10 across the factions.

For newbies Caldari space is far to competitive with auto target jackdaws and tengus and the escalations always being 4/10 or 5/10 which they won’t be able to do. Moving to Gallente space makes it far easier due to less competition, the npc being easier to handle as long as you stay at range and 3/10 being a breeze. It’s good to have that sort of “refuge” for starting combat explorers, it would just be better if CCP would solve this escalation nonsense but… yeah.

Signature wise it’s all very different because sig spawns are connected to certain… variables where as it turns out gallente high sec does really well. It’s the same for Genesis blood Raider space just south of Gallente. Actual Amarr space is less good due to “those variables” but the advantage there is pretty much zero competition which easily makes up for it. Minmatar space is just a crap shoot, it has some good areas but it’s relatively small and anoms there lead to outside escalations a lot.

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Was a pretty good answer…

Note that I said T1 BS, not T2 and not capitals.

To suggest this:

Is nonsense.

Again nonsense, because I use a superdupa hi-tech factory that can produce these things from BPO’s and raw materials, not sitting at my home with a hammer and some basic DIY tools.

So if they can remove the moon goo from T1 BS I will be happy.

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Highsec is a good feeling and I like your pilots name.