High skill point players are not progressing out of highsec

High sec has some serious problems going on far bigger than tax havens in case yall lowsec and nullsec players didn’t realize.
While recently trying to do data/relic/combat sites cosmic signatures and learn the mechanics I have been traveling a good ways from hubs and populated areas, but have continually encountered many, many different very old long term players with very high amounts of skill points, piloting ships worth hundreds of millions of ISK…at the level 1 highsec Data/Relic/Combat cosmic signature sights. This happens from the times of server restart all the way through except for a few short windows where it is off time in most time zones.
I had three different high level old player account multiple hundreds of millions of ISK ships from different players pull up to a level 1 basic starter data/relic site…in 0.7…
Even in just a couple of wormholes I pulled out more ISK in just a crap fit Heron then these starter highsec sites. The risk/reward seems very worth it even just dipping my toes into it so that doesn’t appear to be (maybe I am wrong) the problem.

This is basically content designed for newer players and players that have been playing for a few months game time. I can’t out race them to systems with the anomalies, I can’t out scan down the sights and beat them, I can’t hack better, Concord wont let me try to fight them, I don’t have the ISK to buy dozens of skill injectors nor training to pilot those ships until many months pilot them effectively anyways) nor to fit them. I basically have to be lucky to gain access to this content.

So the question becomes, why arent these players moving away from doing basically starter level low ISK payout/low risk/low reward essentially starter introduction content, into lowsec, or null, or wormholes?
What is preventing them from leaving the nest and spreading their wings?
It’s like never moving past level 1 combat mission running essentially…
This is what I would consider to be a failure on the part of the game to nudge these players out of the nest and it is affecting newbros and newgals, which many players might decide to take their skill points and specialize to focus on data/relic sites, which you would need that ISK income and experience from these sites to progress upwards.

Because this is obviously a huge problem. Newer players are told “Well you just have to try harder, keep looking you’ll find the sites they are just more rare” when that really isn’t the problem at all. You arent really just competing with other newer players.
The sites are intentionally limited so its more of a rarity to find a good one, but when all of the sites are eaten up by the long term players, who should be progressing into lowsec and nullsec or wormholes, are obviously not, its a problem. I don’t think the solution is to crank up the number of sights.

I also encounter this same thing occurring in highsec with mining.
Why the hell are there so many old long term high skill point players mining with billions of ISK worth of ships in highsec? it’s just…veldspar? I only ever see them mining Veldspar…never going into 0.4 for 3X as much ISK per cycle or lower for the better payouts.

How has the core game failed to nudge and push these players out into null and lowsec?
These players mining isn’t really that bad as there is tons of ore, but still. Is the risk/reward payout not good enough for them to replace ships if they get ganked?
Are the lowsec stovepipes and bottlenecks areas just camped to death?
Not enough gates heading from highsec into lowsec?
Games been going on for 20 years so there is no real estate available?
Is most of null/lowsec just worthless invaluable filler space?

There has to be some definitive and physical problem to be solved and worked out causing this.
Some factor or number slider to be nudged in some way.
It’s really bad IMO. Players aren’t proverbially leaving Elwynn Forest to explore Westfall, let alone Blackrock Mountain, they are just farming Hogger endlessly…I will never get this (Data site) quest done until the level 60 players with epic drops stop farming him…

How would you know, you pretend to be are new.


Because I am a hyper intelligent, incredibly handsome, charming, dashing, hyper intelligent (did I mention that already?). If you don’t believe me try doing some data/relic sites in the highsec and click on the ships that pull up and are scanning them down. Look at the info tab and then plug the ship into https://evemarketer.com to get a general cost of the ship and the amount of time it takes to train to pilot even the basic hull and look at the amount of time on the pilots stat page. Its like a few clicks and a copy paste.

Imagine if security mission running only had a limited number of missions they could give out at a time. That’s basically whats going on with data/relic sites, except dudes in faction battleships are camping and running all of the level 1 security mission for some reason.

I thought they made HS safer, and this is just a side effect?


The real question isn’t why don’t they move out of HS, the question is… why don’t you? I mean, each of those questions you pose probably has a different answer for each player… but this game truly is a sandbox. You create your own experience. If a 5 year old player with 90 million skill points wants to mine Veldspar in a 380 mill Mackinaw while watching YouTube videos, why shouldn’t they? Rather than getting others to do what you think they should, make your own move. One filament will throw you into empty areas of null that will earn you far more in drops than you can find in HS, you could most likely finish your Data Site quest in an evening. What’s holding you back?

You can get as mad as you want about someone else’s perceived advantages and be frustrated. Or you can find a way to overcome those obstacles and achieve your goals anyway. This will be a far more enjoyable experience for you if you take option 2… and you will be a better player for it. Then you can choose to sit and mine Veldspar from time to time in a 380 mill Mackinaw while chatting with friends and watching YouTube videos.

As a suggestion that might be directly helpful… you might want to move further away from your home base to locate Data sites. I know you claim that you have, but at this moment, in HS, within 2 jumps of my mission hub there are 10 cosmic signatures. I’m sure at least one or two of them is a Data site.


Unlike World of Warcraft with its leveled zones and clear progression track, Eve Online is a sandbox that enables players to play in a wide variety of ways wherever they like.


Some argue HS is an endgame in it of itself. After all this is a sandbox game with no defined endgame. Who says we need to go live in LS/NS/WH space? Is it bad now that someone like me who has 78mil SP lives in HS?

Granted I do have some LS/WH fun when I can. Public PVP fleets help greatly with this.

I believe HS is its own endgame in New Eden with challenges only unique to HS.

Just like how LS/NS/WH space all have their own unique challenges.


I plan to, as of right now I have 13 days on skill training, reading, practice, knowledge. I am working on manual piloting, understanding angles of attach, approach vectors, fits, modules, basic hulls, skill books and how they interact, the rules and laws and core game mechanics (of which there are many), the different factions, how they interact, how their ships differ from one another…
Much like any other MMO you spread out slowly from the main hubs and explore, quest, adventure…

You are asking me why I am not tanking Ragnaros while I am still in greens and still have quests to knock out in Taneris…

The question is, why arent the level 60 purple drop tanks fighting Ragnaros instead of mining in Fargodeep mine? 1 or 2 could be explained with maybe they never did data/relic/combat sites before and are learning and practicing…this many?
That’s a trend.

You no take candle…

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Neither do you. You didn’t answer my question. Why would they leave?

Enough is never enough for lazy players. Both you and them, I guess?


Why worry about how other players play EVE? Just accept they do.


:laughing: This isn’t “just like any other MMO”. It’s a sand box… the game doesn’t hold your hand while you learn. There are no safe zones, nobody is getting out of your way. I was ratting in LS by the end of my first week, so it sounds to me like you’re making excuses.

Also… what the hell are Ragnaros and Fargodeep (?) This is Eve.

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Apparently, because they interfere with his easy pickings?


Still true!


It appears that my superior noticing abilities have caused some…controversy…

Lots of defensive high sec players…puts on monocle and puffs from pipe Holmes…it apppears we may have stumbled into something here…the plot thickens!

Try a WH player. Fail.

Edit; Theres no isk in HS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Low-sec, null-sec, and wormholes are where the REAL PvPers live, so it’s very scary and dangerous to go there. Just the other day I used a filament, and wound up in a place with a whole bunch of Ishtars and Gilas on scan, which are extremely high-end and fearsome Tech II and pirate cruisers, respectively. Such powerful ships and their expert captains present a critical level of danger for anyone who’s foolish enough to go to such areas of space without being a member of the elite PvP alliances that control them.

Normal people just want to play EVE like a game, i.e. by logging in and doing something fun to make some iskies, like for example by mining in a high-sec asteroid belt while being tabbed out and watching an episode of their favorite TV show. They don’t want to no-life and try-hard EVE by having to deal with the angry PvP griefers in non-safe space. These are people with jobs and families, and play EVE for a few hours to wind down after a long, stressful day of working a real-life job. They already have their own children to deal with, and don’t want to have to pull up with a bunch of angry teenagers who are trying to turn this sandbox game into a murder-simulator PvP grief-fest.

The vast majority of the player base just wants to run some simple, enjoyable NPC content in safe space, and it’s a real shame that CCP doesn’t understand this, and refuses to develop EVE like a game that most gamers can actually enjoy.


Why should people progress out of high sec? It offers many high skill, high effort, high capabilities activities that no newb could do.


Who are you to say how someone plays EVE?? Plenty of reasons why I or many others stay in High. its of no concern to you.


Yeah, you seem not used to competitive gameplay in a sandbox. All I read from you are excuses for not willing to adapt and evolve but blaming first the game mechanics, and now other players not behaving like you wish. What’s next? The big conspiracy that the game is rigged to stop you from having fun?

I can only repeat myself, stop complaining (on none issues), and enjoy the game.


Again, this is something Ive not encountered in anywhere near enough regularity to consider it a thing.

What are these people doing to give themselves such a poor experience.