High skill point players are not progressing out of highsec

You’re taking World of Warcraft as example of how MMOs work, which may cause your confusion.

EVE is different. There is no ‘progression’ line of zones in EVE.

You have progression between zones in WoW where you start in Elwynn forest, progress through Westfall, Duskwood, Stranglethorn Valley all the way to the current ‘end game’ zone. And going back to a previous zone is useless apart from achievements, because all the enemies are underleveled and give no meaningful rewards.

You’re thinking of a themepark game, where players sit in a loop of endless progression. Progress through zone A, B, C all the way to the end. Then to keep people busy in a perpetual loop of ‘progression’, a few new zones and levels are added each expansion to invalidate all the old equipment and invalidate the old zones, so everyone can progress further again!

EVE doesn’t work like that.

Ships are as useful as they were 10 years ago (apart from some buffs and nerfs perhaps) and aren’t invalidated by new tiers upon new tiers each expansion.

Likewise, zones aren’t invalidated by addition of new ‘better’ zones.

EVE is simply a continuous universe with different zones to live in, each zone with their own sets of PvP engagement rules, so that players can pick an area to live in that matches their current preferred gameplay.

Semi-protected by the NPC factions and CONCORD in high security space, or full-out PvP without rules in null sec. Or perhaps you’re looking for small scale PvP with a bigger focus on scanning and less intel from local chat? Or would you like to PvP but not have to deal with bubble mechanics so you can show your superior frigate skills in a multi-billion clone?

EVE has all sorts of zones, and moving from one to another isn’t ‘progression’.


Highsec is the End-Game Elite PVP Arena.

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Like I told you another one of your threads…

You are a newbie…
Take your preconceptions of this game…throw them in the trash…when you have experience then you can ask questions.

You are like those ppl that come into my alliance’s entry corp…all the info they need is in the corp/alliance bulletins and on discord, but when they ask certain questions and get told to read their bulletins and welcome mails …they wail and say they dont like to read ever in any game and ask why cant we just tell them…well we did, in the bulletins…keep hitting your face on a brick wall i guess, no one is going to hold your hand.


exactly this.


This is a fundamental problem in EvE.

Many humans, by nature, are cowardly and lazy. So they hide in Highsec, and never leave the safety of CONCORD protection. This ruins the game, which is obviously meant to be played outside of Highsec, and yet most of the players refuse to leave the tutorial. Unfortunately, the developers don’t even play the game, so there is no hope of them making changes, to force players out of Highsec.

Consequently, our last resort is to kill everyone in Highsec.


WoW came after Eve Online. Eve was released in line with the main stream MMO culture of its time (like UO, to a lesser extent Run Escape) with sandbox dangerous places everywhere.

WoW took the formula and departed dearly from the mold, and was nothing like any MMO before, not even Eve. It perfected the idea of a „Themepark“ where people are meant to be herded like cattle from one Zone to the next. The path of progression is clearly fixed and designed for them so even the dumbest of the motiovation-less dumb fucks can understand what they have to do to level up and be spoon fed the path they need to take.

Eve Online is completely different because the zones are „as-is“ and it’s up to everyone everywhere to decide for themselves what their personal goals are. The game doesn’t treat people like dumb cattle in need of shepherding. However there’s a lot of CCP devs that don’t understand this and are „inspired“ by the zones in Albion Online and appear to be trying to turn High Sec into Blue Zones (a speculation of mine), which is also just out-of-touch bad design reflecting their non-understanding of the game they have.

Trying to compare WoW and Eve online is a silly exercise of two completely different games and cultures.

  1. Skill injectors are not really the best route for a noob. In my view they are an expensive waste of ISK. …and are only really for if you simply must have some skill ‘right now’. Instead apply augmentations that increase your attributes. Then get the Biology skill to level V…which will increase the duration of cerebral accelerators to 2 days. You can then get an entire months worth of cerebral accelerators for under 100m ISK that will shorten your skills queue time by way more than the two days or so that a small skill injector ( costing twice as much ) will do…and you can save the 1bn for a large skill injector for the next 9 months worth of accelerators that will give you hugely more skills queue shortening than the 8 or 9 days an expensive large injector gives.

  2. Ships such as the Gnosis were designed with noobs in mind, and you can have one up and running with 700 DPS lasers and 75K EHP in relatively short time. You can even make them cloakable, fit Heavy Neutron Blasters and get them to 850 DPS, fit inertial stabilisers and get the align time to under 3 seconds…and so on. All those big blingy ships will then seem a bit less scary. I have even seen someone ganking big blingy ships using a Gnosis.


Why mine Veldspar in high sec? Tritanium. If you manufacture pretty much anything you need tritanium.


who cares… stop forcing others to play the game according to your ideology!!

you play it your way and they can play it their way…


The OP jest gets it all wrong.

In HighSec, Elite PvP Players in 5B Marauders and 8B Tengus are playing an endless game of cat and mouse against Gankers. Every day without being ganked is an achievement, every new billion made is a success. The true professional is able to use any ship and any equipment he likes, without ever appearing on any killboard, because he is invisible, untouchable, like a ghost. He feeds on the fact that everybody knows he is out there somewhere, running his missions, abyssals, anomalies in the most blingy ship imaginable, while his foes try desperately to find him, trap him, kill him - but never succeed. Thats why people play in HighSec with passion and pride.

I swear it’s true!


@Clavine_South EVE is a Sandbox. Players ae allowed to play the game as they wish.
I am a miner and don’t plan on leaving hisec. Who cares? No one should.
Have a good day!


Here’s one solution. Well probably not a solution but more of a satisfying result.

How about you gank them?

Get a few cats/tornados and wipe them out of the low level sites. Then charge them a permit to continue to play in HS.

That will obviously give them an incentive to move to low sec.

Don’t bother with null. Null is just highsec 2.0.


So they spend years living in high sec shooting people that can’t shoot back.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You sound salty.


You sound like a Chihuahua pretending to be a Pit Bull.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That’s EVE. You can get 20-60 mil from highsec data sites. That’s a nice bit of change for practically no effort.

There are people in faction cruisers, BCs, T3Ds and T3Cs doing hideaways that can be completed by a corvette in civilian modules. Deal with it. They are hunting for escalations. It would be nice to be able to sell escalations to alleviate the need for people in those big ships to take the easiest content, but CCP likes the current broken system. You would think the escalation for a hideaway would be in line with the ship class necessary to do it. NOPE! A site that can be completed by a corvette could require a destroyer or cruiser (maybe even BC) to complete efficiently. Those easy site are also better in terms of reward vs effort. Unless the upper end sites (even those in highsec) give automatic escalations, they are just more work, more time, more ammo expended, etc. for no greater chance at an escalation.

Losec and null come with a completely different gameplay environment that is just not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone wants to be looking over their shoulders constantly because another player might jump into the site and attack them. If they go deep enough into low/null where nobody is at it is effectively highsec. And I’m sure many of them do if they find the right WH. EVE is, imo, poorly designed in this respect because a PvE fit player is at a huge disadvantage vs a PVP fit player. And said player is only attacking because they’ve calculated that they are going to win. If I’m doing PvE I’m not looking to be dealing with PvP fit players. They’ve made no efforts to make a one size fits all fitting system or even so much as make it where you can’t see what type of ship it is on dscan. Everything favors the attacker.


You kinda jumped from “I’ve seen a few of these players” to “all the sites are taken by them” pretty quick there.

True, it’s somewhat silly that you can find Marauders or T3Ds doing anomalies even in starter/career systems, but it’s hardly “all” of them. The sites also respawn as they’re completed so they aren’t overly limited.

Yes, CCP has done a poor design job of providing a viable incentive system for players to move out of high and into low/null/WH. And yes, probably having newbies compete directly with decade-old vets in sites, trade, shipping etc. even in starter areas is generally a bad idea.

EVE has a lot of systems and pretty much all the content continually renews though, so the issue isn’t “all the sites are taken by vets” so much as it’s “where’s the development path/incentive to try other areas, and the training to cope with the risks?”.

It’s not a question of number sliders, but one of multiple game design choices that tilts the risk/reward/consequences balance too far towards playing safe and doing the obvious low-risk tasks.

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There is no progression out of highsec, it’s fundamentally different playstyles.

Highsec players are in highsec, because they wanna watch a movie while feeling like Cpt. Kirk or they are the worst pirates in the game feeding on those.
Lowsec players go to lowsec because they wanna do elite PVP
Nullsec players go into nullsec to fullfil their narcissistic powerfantasies while afk mining/ratting
Wormhole people are like low+nullsec people mixxed.

It’s the same reason lazy industrialists are in Jita, and masochistic industrialists live in Molden Heath.

It is what it is.


The real problem is: why are new players not going to low sec in their battleships as often as I would like?


Because its inevitable that you will come across roaming parties and get destroyed. Insurance doesn’t cover the cost of replacement or even close. I had been playing for over 4 years, had a Tengu which I had fitted out at great expense to run solo high level missions in low sec. i can’t remember the exact figures but for example the total cost was 30 bil, insurance 4m payed out when i got it destroyed in a gate camp 10m. so don’t venture out of high sec now I’m playing again.
Current ship is a Gila and its value (just the ship) is 305m local. highest insurance is 4.5m with a 15m payout. Other games you don’t loose all your stuff everytime you die. Imagine playing a combat game spending real world $ to get all the good gear and then when you die its all gone…