Returning after 4 years

And it’s all a bit overload.

Quick questions:

  1. I got 5mil from a GM apparently for ‘T3 skills’? The ISK is irrelevant but what’s that about?
  2. I logged in inside a cruiser which I don’t have the skills to fly, apparently I no longer have Minmatar Cruiser skills - what?
  3. What sort of SP are we looking at for wormhole pvp?


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1 - they changed T3s a bit back, those are refunded SP.

2- If you are an alpha clone (free to play) you can only use ships from the race you were born from and even then can only use some skills. Higher-level skills you may have trained previously are locked until you subscribe again.


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Ccp removed some skills refunded isk for skill books and sp for skills trained.

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Okay cool thanks for the info.

Another question… My main is -10 security. Are people living in and pvping out of wormholes -10? Or does it not really matter?

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You may want to look at this website if you haven’t already to get a bit of information on previous updates.

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Welcome back to Eve,

The only time your personal security status matters is when you’re in High Sec systems.

The only time your sec status really matters is if you want to operate in highsec.

A little for lowsec too, but for both nullsec and wormhole space, your sec status is pretty much irrelevant to the pvp. People will attack you whether you are +10 or -10. Makes no difference.

If you are day tripping out of wormholes and are in lowsec, then the -10 status can be great at encouraging people to attack you on gates, but otherwise, if you want to control the start of engagements, just don’t hang around on gates too long. Again, in nullsec it is irrelevant either way.

Welcome back.

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