Looking fro a old vet to retire to from all low sec wars big n small

any suggestions let me know 138 mil sp any sub cap in eve … just retired my capital ships n accounts. I would like to know where someone can think of that I can retire to and enjoy my days in eve? maybe missioning in hi sec, excursions or go full pirate lol what are ideas you all have tried let me know thanks.

highsec mining sounds right for you


i was in exactly the same situation on my 2003 toon most days i now just potter all over the place doing doing pi t2 production and relic data sites in high sec its just so much less hassle and not having to be always ready for fleet ops. i dont even both with lvl4’s as 3’s are so much quicker and dont give you the burner missions either

see that sounds about right I’m so tempted to do that, i even said hell i might Aswell go full pirate but idk just logging in doing a few missions talking to corpmates you know BS’ing a little works for me … someone said hi sec mining im like what lol you just know someone is coming to get you lol maybe I can hook up with a cool hi sec corp you know strength in numbers.

i dont do mining but i know a lot of guys that join up for ice mining they have their own channel and discord and whenever im in those systems you can have a proper natter and a laugh with em

Hi sec is certainly a lot less time intensive than shifting around null, jspace or low; depends what you want tbh. I myself am back in highsec as I dont really want to be in a corp that has constant cta’s or just always roaming for pvp - though i am using this alt… standings etc…
but ye i can go null any time, poch, low… just no real interest in it right now.

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