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Hello Fellow eve pilots, I’m an old veteran that’s gone and came back way too many times thru the years since 2008, I’m in a highly big alliance corp. I’ve done the Titan thing dread carrier super carrier big wars 1 and 2 and now I’ve got a lot of isk but do find Eve fun anymore with over hi dreads if pilots in corp alliance due to no one k owing you. I miss the old days if a corp people knew you. I just want to chill retire somewhere and do pve missions sites whatever with fellow corpmates or even solo. Even in hi sec ? Any recommendation I’m all ears.
I’ve sold my Titan and fax pilot and all I have a a sub cap pilot who can basically fly 90% of any subcap battleship etc and a dread pilot … again if anyone has any advice please help me find a place again in eve … maybe a pvp corp is ok if they are active and not to big

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What timezone are you?

EUTZ. I’m retired so during the day

Sons Of 0din is recruiting, mostly just bob about highsec at the moment, building up but most of the core group are older gentlemen from the 70’s - currently running missions or mining, hoping to do some homefronts today and branch out for other stuff if we feel like it.
I myself came more for the social aspect I dont particularly want sov null or wh space, too much effort lol

Join wodan chat channel or send myself or the ceo Rico Minali a mail ingame. We are EU and UK tz respectively.

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