I've moved back to High Sec and I can see

You would be surprised how many people are still on the forums but don’t log in much it at all to the game.


Where have I heard this before…?


I’m also interested in knowing why you are here now? You certainly can duck the question again.

I’m not saying you’re not welcome (it’s not my forum) but this place (I presume) is for actual players to discuss the game and having non-players is kinda dilutive. I’m hopeful that the moderators and those who value the content here have some type of validation / filter process.

I was in a weeks long discussion about the Orca with a group obsessed over the fact that a player “can” AFK mine with augmented drones. An entire false narrative was produced that Eve is full of AFK Orca miners that out number Orcas actually supporting fleets. The anti Orca crowd was lobbying to have the Orca nerfed and could not produce one screen shot of the AFK Orca hoard.

By their comments many were utterly uniformed about mining and that now makes more sense knowing that I would be surprised “how many people…don’t log in.”

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AFK Mining works better with T1 Drones

And you proved your case, right?

I know how you feel

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And everyone clapped.

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I use the T2 with a higs rig so I cant be bumped.
Make pings around the belt first and with a 500mn MWD you warp within 10 seconds.

Damage Control and Bulkhead in the lows with shield Tank and emergency shield boosts in the highs. Entire setup makes it an extremely unlikely ganktarget.

Have seen procs getting ganked next to me while I happily wait for “the asteriod is depleted” as I do something else.

Day tripping is much different than planting stakes.

–Gadget, Real Estate Developer and Demolitionist

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(Good question, well played)

If not, I disproved their case.

As some of those you viewed as “spreading false narrative” I have to say that you didn’t proved or disproved anything. Merely you managed to bore me.

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Of course you did.

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So you are more than one - you are “some”.


For “some” so bored you had to comment again. Truth is I brought the wood and that narrative folded like a wet paper bag. Ya 'll still remember - good.

The “we” keeps coming out. “We” is a bunch of sore losers who stopped playing the game and want to grief their old lover. Be gone griefer.

Yea, that was funny. Well played.

Play sports. Live a long life. You get to know when the other side gives up.

Hands on hips, watching the clock, looking down…and condescension, of course.

I suppose there is proof of that above too.

I must admit I was slow on the uptick concerning proof of the outrageous claims. Ya’ll don’t play or log in anymore. Just griefing an old love (game). It’s a big ocean, you’ll find another game, I’m sure.

I hate poetry so so very much.

See Hans, that is why is so boring to talk to you.

It don’t matter that i never claimed that AFK mining was the problem.
It don’t matter that I actually said that it is not the issue.
It don’t even matter that this was in a different thread.
It don’t even matter that this thread is already over by now.

You keep repeating over and over how how you “saved” Eve from false narratives.

What happens only in your head is boring as hell.

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You hate poetry very much
It hurts your brain, makes you say “ouch!”
But as a poet playing EVE
Who is a pirate, and a thief
You’re not safe even here from me
Tormented by my forum grief


I’m in your head rent free.

Fortunately rhymes are not by default poems.

They suck… but differently.

Theres… Computers…

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