I've moved back to High Sec and I can see

I never said i didn’t think about stupid things sometimes.

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Quoted for posterity, when CCP rebalance the Orca despite your protests; and you come crying in the forum like banshee about it.


Fought tooth nail buddy. Wiped the floor with he opposition better than this little board has ever witnessed - you’re still talking about it.

I honored good arguments and smashed the bad ones with flawless reasoning and points no one else has ever brought up. You my friend, when you are out of ideas, fall back to ad hominem just like the others. Labeling other people’s arguments as whining or crying is the usual and easiest fallback.

I pointed out how dead low sec and null sec are; the baseless narratives; people claiming the unknowable to be fact and they folded. I do not recall any fresh ideas brought to the table on your own. You, merely respond to other people’s ideas, mostly with derision and insult. That’s OK for being part of the pack. Someone has to do it. The view up here as lead dog is much better, complaints from the pack notwithstanding.

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Replies to a week-old post to show it doesnt bother him.

Accuses others of ad hominen but doesnt add anything else to the conversation.

He could almost be my alt sniff

So proud


Would you please explain that?

They don’t and that explains my continued existence.


That, or he has a life outside of farming salt.

Citation required

You are welcome


About bloody time


What to explain?

Presumably your wierd definition of “legit”

@Ramona_McCandless , @Fale_Einn

Why wierd? Ok, look…

Firstly, about the locals. In hi-sec we have a police system maintained by CONCORD. They determine what is legal and what isn’t in hi-sec. In almost all low-, npc-null- and j-space we have some player pirate corporations, pirate groups, which determine what can be done there and what can’t. Of course we can have some temporary random “gray” locals, which can attack us anytime. But overall and overtime the local player pirate corporations will be a defined factor of what we can do there, because they live there 24/7. You just can’t do a 6/10 DED expedition, a level V mission or a complex exploration site without being interrupted by their activity. At the same time, all their corp members and players, marked as “blue” can do freely and “legally” (relative to them) any PVE activity there: mining, level V missions, exploration or just camp a gate without worries they’ll get dropped by something nasty. Sure, you can ninja gas, do some garbage exploration sites there and so on, but any hi-end activity like FOBs, maintain Athanors, level V missions will be unrealistic in a small corp. It’s especially true for Stain.

Secondly, about ships. The modern EVE Meta is to maintain multiple accounts and multibox your ships anywhere. Maybe it’s the only “Pay to Win” mechanic in this game. Instead of using a 2B ISK Tengu just use two 700M ISK Tengus. It has double tanking and dps and price is reduced almost by two times. It’s true for almost any ship. Instead of using a Carrier to perform level V missions - just use two MJD Ravens. Instead of using an Obelisk, just use 4-5 Deep Space Transport ships, which will grant the same cargo space at a price 1.5B ISK, which is two times cheaper than a Freighter and five times harder for gankers to do max damage. The price of it - you have to pay for multiple accounts somehow and not anybody can do this. Let say we have a “dumb-o-meter”. A Cruiser or T3 Cruiser with a price over 1.5-2B ISK is located in it’s “orange” zone. I’d say, everything that is in the “orange” or “red” zone respectively should not be “legit” towards sanity.

Thirdly, about income. The minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour, in the UK - £8.36. Everything below that should be considered illegal or isn’t “legit”, right? Based on what I noticed above, you can fit a T1 frigate or Civilian vessel and shoot low-sec BS for 1.3M ISK reward for 20 mins. In that part of space almost any foe is very healthy and strong. In this case, almost nobody will try to hunt your Civilian ship or Venture, right? So you feel comfortable in a hostile space. But 5M-10M ISK per hour is not “legit” based on modern EVE standards, especially if you respect your time. It’s below minimum EVE wage. Now we are talking about the risk vs reward concept, right? In my opinion, CCP should rethink all these concepts. Modern players just haven’t more than two-three hours per session to stay online anymore. Imagine an explorer who just logged in and sees partially hacked Relic sites in the entire region. Now he has to wait for three hours until those exploration sites will despawn and respawn again.

You are literally making up a definition for what is legitimate and then saying that theres nothing to do that firs that definition.

The problems with your explaination are:

  1. You feel that solo play is made too difficult by organised players. Well, yes, Solo is the hardest way to play EvE. Thats intentional by CCP.

  2. You have determined a minimum earning you want without actually having any reasoning for that earning. If a person is comfortable earning 1.5m isk/hr and having fun doing it, whats wrong with that? What is it you need tge bigger income for and why cant you engage with the content designed to generate that income?

  3. You are comparing EvE to the real world which is always a mistake. In the UK you can say working for under whats now called The Living Wage (renamed because Minimum Wage wasnt spinny enough) shpuld be illegal, but on many technicalities it isnt. Besides that, EvE is a GAME, it should never be considered WORK or a JOB.


I like to use the word “legit” just because there are too many lawyers and advocates in this game and they prefer to use their “specific words” and paradigms about in-game and IRL life. Based on my experience in this game, like half of available talk and discussion in chats and forum threads is about what is allowed by EULA and what isn’t, what is legit in Terms of Services and what’s not, what is legal with CONCORD and what’s not, what is allowed by CCP and what’s not, what a CSM should say and what not, is it in NDA allowed or not, is it legit in SOV space or not, is it legal to exploit this thing or not based on what CCP wrote on their official DEV thread.

The context or definition of “legit” isn’t contained in your just grabbed sentence from my post. It’s much more complex. All that I wrote is legit, based on EULA and Terms of Service :). There’s no restrictions about our ability to define some in-game behaviour in other words. All in-game regulations and laws are made by humans and/or players, you know. Pre 2020 era it was legit to not wear a face mask (irl), while post 2020 era it’s illegal in many regions and you are forced to pay a fine.

Just check again what I wrote.

  1. I feel that solo play is pointless and useless IN THAT PART OF SPACE (low-, npc-null and j-space) to do some hi-end content. Because it requires just too expensive ships (which is very easy to lose them there) or it requires just too much time to complete them solo.
  2. I just pointed out that you can very easily make the same 1.5M ISK/hour IN HI-SEC, without that “pain in the ass”: by jumping from bookmark to bookmark, D-scanning like paranoidal guy, or probe scanning all WHs around. For what?
  3. I’m not the author of the words “ISK per hour” or “ISK per tick”. By definition, if these words exist and are frequently used in-game, there’s some JOB concept behind this. There’s tons of guides on how to increase your ISK/h. And I understand why. To fulfil any project, plan, idea in this game, you need ISK and resources and you are interested to gain them as fast as possible and as easy as possible. You don’t live to work, you work to live, right? This is a mankind evolution path. If to look deeper into economics and finances, a job is time required to spend by doing something and in return to get another reward (money as a high liquid asset). “TIME IS MONEY”. And you’ll say: “It’s just a game!”. Of course and moreover, it’s a sandbox MMO. To do something in this game, you have to do a lot of side actions, which are similar to irl jobs and to spend a sh*t load of time on it, including logistics. It’s not that kind of game like CS, DOTA, LoL, Fortnite, or Chess, where you just jump in and just play the game. Even in WoW you can be fine without any farming/grind - just run raids, arenas and BGs.

Look, legitimate and legal are not the same thing. You saying they are doesnt make it so. Also theres nothing illegitimate about running exploration in lowsec, so I have no idea where you are getting any idea that its “illegal” from.

In regards to your points:

  1. You feeling it also doesnt make it so. The idea that you need “expensive” ships to fly solo kind of proves you dont know how to get the most out of a Magnate or Heron.

  2. So? That doesnt invalidate the fact that its totally legitimate to do exploration, ratting, mining and even PvP solo in lowsec and NPC null.

  3. Its however you want to play it. If you play it as a job of work, thats your look out. I play for fun. You dont get to tell me thats an illegitimate playstyle. Either you prefer work to fun, or you dont know how to make isk without working vOv

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