Low Sec Guide: Why Come to Low Sec?

EVE Online Low Sec Part 1: Why Come to Low Sec?

Why leave the loving embrace of Concorde and come to the desolate wasteland of the frontier? Well, there are a FEW good reasons…


“Hey kid, want some free candy?”


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Good video! People need to listen to your advice and try it out. I’ve been living the solo lowsec life for 6 months now and it amazes me how many empty systems there are, and how much isk is just sitting there.

Also I appreciate your point about cloaking in lowsec. I think it’s one of the most essential aspects to survival out here.

The way I get around the logistical problem of getting supplies is I use an alt in jita with high trade skills to buy stuff and redfrog it to a highsec system near my lowsec home base. Then I create a contract from the assets menu to transfer it to my other character, and bring it into lowsec with a blockade runner on that character.


Hi Alexandra,
Your spoken commentary needs tightening. It’s not didactic enough for a guide and there are too many asides.

“Why Come to Low Sec” should be a sales pitch, right? It would be better off as a set of bullet pointed slides than the current disconnected video.
You need to make clear well explained arguments for going to low sec.

Nothing you say in the video about low sec convinces me of any reason to go there.


+1 for your video, nice commentary. You definitely brought up some good reasons for conducting game play in low sec.

Maybe in part two go into all the things that make lowsec unique and valuable:

-Besieged Covert Research Facilities
-Level 5 missions
-Rare moons


-Empty systems galore
-Less competition for sites
-Burner missions pay a bit more

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Come to Null, it’s way better

Thanks for your effort Alexandra…One day :slight_smile:


More pinatas!

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