Policing Low sec

Why doesnt Null alliances or anyone “police” lowsec better?

What is the lack of motivation or is it a lack of ability?

Because theres no reason too.


It’s actually very hard to completely control any system in eve, let alone low sec.

Even in null sec you get cloaky campers invading and sitting in systems waiting for someone to trip up.

Add to that the lack of bubble camps and universal docking rights of low sec and you can’t realistically control it 24/7.

Did you just call me a 'Nullsec-r"?

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Are you one? Or are you a ravager of it?

You challenge there is no reason to police the traffic lanes?

But yet the killboard says otherwise?

Pay me 15b and I’ll patrol it for a week.

No you won’t.

TESTs killboard isnt exactly awesome lol.

I mean, if you don’t have the 15b, that’s fine.
But don’t tell me what I will or won’t do. :slight_smile:

You got me confused. I want you to come police me daddy.

I just know you won’t :slight_smile:

And I said, pay me 15b.

Again, if you can’t afford it, that’s fine. Not everyone can afford my services.

I’m confused why you think your services are worth anything.

You havent done anything against Porn Maker and he blows up YOUR haulers by the billions each day lol.

And he is sooooo predictable.

Does he have one of them alliance “hall passes” protecting him?

Mostly because CCP actually has no idea how to set up a sandbox that works. You get people all the time saying “Your boredom is your problem, if you want content go make it!”.

Unfortunately if the environment makes it difficult, costly, time consuming and inconvenient to create your own content, and also fails to provide incentives for doing so, then you get the EVE of the last 8 years or so: with players abandoning it by the tens of thousands to go play games that are better designed, more interesting, and more rewarding.

If you want a gaming world where people form up on two sides of a line and fight across it (whether that line be geographic, resource based, ‘morals’-driven, grudge matches or simply for entertainment) then you have to give people reasonably convenient access to forming those lines, you have to give them a reasonable expectation of success, and you have to attach a reward system that makes participation attractive.

CCP fails on all three of these requirements. Thus you end up with people only taking on fights they are fairly sure they can win, avoiding everything they can’t, and occasionally getting stuck in fights they can’t get away from which are more likely to leave them annoyed than entertained.

If you want low sec space to be policed in some way, then you set up mechanisms that make it possible, interesting, and rewarding to do so. Without those mechanisms, you just get a few bored hunters looking for a few cheap and easy kills, while 75% of the player base goes on farming ISK and resources against the day when they might actually want to do something with them.

Sadly, for too many, that day never comes, and they just drift off to other games.


it has been years since i lived in nullsec.
I only kill the residents.

Yea, it would be nice if low sec offered some sort of “guns” on the gates, and maybe even one or two on the stations- in order to help keep the peace.

It was tried by Goons a few years ago, it ended very badly for them. Most call it World War Bee

Most excellent harbinger of doom

Omfg I must hear all about this!

You still don’t understand that nullsec is their farm land and other secs are their play grounds.

if I recall it correctly tl:dr was that they managed to piss of by that owner of IWantIsk (or sth like that) whom have hired pretty much everyone hire’able to go against them - every sign of goons presence was being stomped upon by huge masses of force, and it only ended because guy paying for all of it got banned for RMT

What does that stand for? Real Money Trading?