Looking for a Low sec Corporation

Hello, thank you for stopping by, I’m Protocol3, i have over 135million skill points, if that matters, i do not fly Capital ships. I have not been active since i usually just explore as its my form of enjoyment currently.

I am looking for a low sec corporation only, that resides around gallente space and or minmatar; maybe faction corp, we will see preferably USTZ, corporation that enjoys pvp and pve, laid back, discord and small gang nano pvp frigs etc…

Please no NULL or WH - both are blobs and quite boring

I am just curious about your post - you have found that wormholes are more blobby than Lowsec? This surprises me a bit, since you can’t cyno into a wormhole and the mass limits usually provide some restriction to huge fleets moving around.

i lost 14 bil in a WH, class 6, i know all to much Ty sir.

If ya interested in doing it with some people who live just on the edge of lowsec and roam everyday Join the Ingae Channel “Herd. Public House.” we are mainly Euro TZ but have a growing USTZ atm !

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