Looking for a hi/lowsec based WH hunting corp

(Zlaw) #1

Back after a long hiatus with a new 12m sp character.

LF a corp that bases out of hisec or lowsec and indulges in wormhole shenanigans.

I have a few high sp characters that I could resub or use, but I’m digging my new identity.

Can fly a Legion reasonably well, skilling for Stratios and Med/Heavy drones. Flies Astero well. Happy to bait. Have Cyno V if blops os your thing.

Don’t mind lowsec pvp, just enjoy WH diving more.


Not interested in elitist tryhards or your baggage. Just want some fun with people who know what they’re doing.

(Zlaw) #2

Some interesting mails. None really floating my boat.

(Kypischovic Malifozik) #3

May I ask why you 're not interested in just straight out joining a WH group ?

(Zlaw) #4

I don’t like living in wormholes.

(Kypischovic Malifozik) #5

I suppose you dont like it because you always have to scan your way out into hisec?
What if the corporation is so active, there’s always a hisec somewhere in the chain? :stuck_out_tongue:

(File) #6

hope to see you soon!

(system) #7

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