Looking for corp with a nice player base in EU and present in WH / active in small gang pvp

HEllo everyone, I am looking for a WH corp to join. I’m from europe, which is definitely a country.

I have been in nullsec for a while and i’m looking for something new. I do, however, desire to remain as casual of a player as possible. If your demands are to kill x amount of people a month or produce/mine whatever amount, it will only be a matter of time before you have to kick me. Also I dont have alts, I dont dispise people who have them but I hate the idea.

I’m just looking for some fun and an interesting new experience guys! Also, a more intimate atmosphere. Right now i’m in one of those giant alliances, and it all feels a bit impersonal to me. I’m well up for PVP, I can rat and i have currently started training towards mining because I honestly find it difficult to choose what to train next. I have about 40 mill in sp and I have been around on and off since day.

I have a dark sense of humor. Tell me about your corp, and dont make it look/feel like we’re doing a job interview, we’re playing a game here after all :wink:

Hey there!

We are a mix between EU and US players that live in a C4 wormhole. About 10-15 people in total I think. We are a range of different corps there but all are part of a bigger alliance called the Urukian collective.

I’m one of the new guys and I think it’s the most chill alliance ever. Basically do what you want, live wh life and have fun :slight_smile: Most people are into pvp here and I am more into ratting since my skills aren’t sufficient for PVP (yet). Message me in game and I’ll put you through to the managers.

This is our hole

Hey mate, thanks for the fistbump. Unfortunatly 10-15 people total is a bit low for me. I am hoping to find a corp where 10-15 is the least amount of people online at any given time

Hello Sailor,

Have a look at WHSOC we are an EU/US wormhole corp. Most weekends & evenings in the week we easily have around 9-14 people on comms (more if something really cool is happening). PVP comes first, so if you’re mining and even if you haven’t reached your monthly quota (currently zero m3 per month) you’ll be expected to join in to shoot someone to fulfill your kill quota of one Heron per month.
Comms are on TS3 and generally a good laugh with the odd awkward silences.

Have a look at the reddit job post and if you have any questions someone might know the answer (no guarantees).

Stoopid phone - can’t paste reddit link, sorry

Figured it out, here you go:

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