WH Alliance searching Members (Corp and Pilots)

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Ladies, Gents, Capsuleers and Wanna-Be-Hole-Divers,

You’re reading this because you’re looking for a corp or an alliance within EvE and want to know if Guardians of Eve can offer you a home. Chances are - we absolutely can.

GoEve believe in teamwork, playing together, group projects and greater strength through collaboration. We are primarily a Wormhole alliance but also have a high sec industrial base/corp to help our building operations and a high sec newbro base/corp who regularly fly in Wormhole space as well - if you come join our public channel we’ll point you to the corp we think will ft you best - and make sure your time on Eve is as fun as possible!

The basics;
We use Teamspeak
We use Pathfinder
We use Fleet-Up
We use Slack
We have WH Citadels
We have High Sec Citadels
We support/encourage/play together/train

GoEve are a young alliance with excellent leadership (this post comes from a member - not the bosses!), excellent setup, excellent plans and an exciting future - come be a part of it. From alpha to non-better vet, we accept and love to fly with everyone.

Individual or corporation - why not come see us and chat it through ?
Join ingame channel: Guardians Of Eve
or send FILE a evemail.

Fly Safe o/

Greetings FILE
Alliance CEO
(and no its just been copied and paste from one of my members)

27m SP LF WH Corp
Looking for a hi/lowsec based WH hunting corp
Baron of industry looking for new serfdom
New Player (Alpha Seeking Corp)
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WH alliance recruitment thread without specifing, what kind of WH you are living in? I suppose it is C2 Pulsar with C2 and low sec static…

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Speaking to a lot of pilots ingame.

loveing it!

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Great group

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Bumping, and whole day im active in eve! find us :slight_smile:

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Smashing group of guys. Looking for a corp? Looking for WH? Looking for community? Stop looking. You just found the one you want!

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So i just recently joined these guys, a very very good bunch who are building up to be very good at what we do, So if you would like to fly with people who are looking to work there way up, please give us a shout :slight_smile:

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Join in!

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So for anyone looking for a family, close friends and people to enjoy the vastness of Eve, you have come to the right place. We can teach new pilots what they need to know and we are willing to learn from the bitter old vet’s.

Come on and join our family!!!

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Very helpful alliance helped me with fits, skills and transport of my stuff in wormhole and in k-space very happy to be apart of it all.

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Transport avail. Makes it easy to move in.

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Bumping for the sunday… come and have a chat with us :):rofl:

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Nice pilot`s good learning curves. and helpfull!

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Bumping post :slight_smile: