C3 WH Small Corp/Alliance Looking for pilots and Corps to join us

Are you looking to join a small established WH corp?

We are a small group of pilots looking to expand on our members both in Corp and also will consider application to our Alliance if you are a Corp interested in PvP as well as PVE in most areas of EVE.

We are a mature bunch of characters that enjoy the game together, when I say mature I mean as mature as you can be seeing as we are adults playing a space ship pewpew game :smile:

If you are interested in having a chat you can join us on discord https://discord.gg/dU9eztgs Just join the channel and let us know you are there and we can get talking.
If you want you can also join our in game public chat channel R.A.T

We are primarily EU tz but are pretty flexible and play in other TZs too, including the US.

Not a lot is required really either as long as you have some PVP experience the more the better and can fly some ships capable of cloaking whilst in warp then you almost certainly going to be welcome with open arms lol

If you are a CEO looking to move into a WH but don’t want to place structures down straight away or just can’t afford that kinda thing yet then jump on comms and or join the public channel mentioned above we would really like to hear from you.


I ve been flyin with these guys for quite some time now and we are having such a great time! For me Wormholes were intriguing since the day i started playin Eve and been able to live in one has proven to be a challenge that everyone should experience!

The Corp has seasoned veterans with years of experience in Eve who are willing to share this knowledge and give advice when it’s asked

Fly Safe
Roman J Kout

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Hey how are yal

Good thanks how about yourself :+1: if your interested in having a chat you can join us on discord as previously linked or drop into the in game channel


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Still looking for more pilots and Corps to talk to :smiley:

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Been talking to a few corps and few solo players looking good thanks to the forum.

It is definitely a great time to get your teeth into WH life with the new changes coming not only for industrial pilots looking for a home but also for PvP pilots due to WH life becoming a bit busier than it has been.

So if you are reading this advert come say hello in our discord if you are looking to try something new or just want a slower pace of the game without alliance politics and have some fun :smiley:

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